Y- Yoast or Toast #BloggersUnplugged

Well, on one hand people are waiting to get things back to normal and raise a toast but shhhh!!! ask any blogger our only concern is to handle our YOAST.

Yoast or Toast Pic Copyright: wigglingpen

A- About Me
B- Backlinks
C- Community and Collaborations

D- Domain
E- Editorial Calendar
F- First Post

G- Growth
H- Handle
I- Instagrammers

J- Jetpack
K- Keywords
L- Linky Party

M- Media Kit
N- No Comments
O- Online/Offline

P- PR Pyaar
Q- Quality Vs Quantity
R- Review

T- Traffic
U- User Intent

V- Views
W- Web Around Bloggers
X- X-Ray of a blogger

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. That’s so true Ruchie, We can only raise and learn about Yoast Toast. Yoast SEO and bloggers’ life busy in making it green every day and every post.

  2. Ok i do not know much about plugins but this must be the best i guess.
    Deepika Sharma

  3. I know only toast!! Yoast is something I see mentioned on my blog but I have no clue what it is 🙂

  4. Ha ha so true, yoast is one of the most important plugin for bloggers and we all want to get green light for all of our posts.

  5. I knew it!! It had to be Yoast!!

  6. Yeah, all we are worried is about Yoast plugin and its stats

  7. I was very late in knowing the value of the Yoast plugin in blogger’s life but finally got to know 6 months back only.

  8. This is something I never understood but need to learn.. As this is bloggers life line.

  9. My blog is not on WordPress buddy so not much aware of this plug-in buddy

  10. I agree i am yet to figure out this yoast . Learning slowly

  11. Ofcourse we have to worry. Toast with its red highlights seems like we’re getting scolded by teacher! 😀

    1. Yoast* (silly spellcheck!)

  12. When people are cheering over a toast, bloggers are worried about YOAST!;)

  13. I’m still trying to get it right on mine. Nevertheless it definitely is important

  14. Everything we’re concerned about is the Yoast plugin and its statistics.

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