Why ZEE5’s Veergati is a film every Indian must watch?

Why ZEE5’s Veergati is a film every Indian must watch?

February 4, 2019 11 By Ruchi Verma

ZEE5 presents Veergati as a homage to all the national heroes and patriots on this 70th Republic day. Veergati is everything that a patriot Indian has been wanting to see from a long time. Despite having a run time of just 60 minutes, Veergati would bring out your inner patriotism in no time.

Veergati is not just another movie dedicated to our fellow soldiers, in that it has managed to give you some goosebumps every time you watch it. The directors of the film have done an impeccable job by weaving the movie in a non-linear way. The uniqueness of Veergati lies in the story which is about a soldier who is all set to sacrifice his life to save his motherland.

The Tough Life of Soldiers

A family and its members are the real assets that a man possesses in today’s day and life. When I was watching Veergati, for some reason it was constantly reminding me of my friend who used to serve the army. Just thinking about him brings tears to my eyes. My friend wanted to join the army, and his dad didn’t like that decision as he had already lost a son for the nation.

His father would ask us to advise him to drop this dream of his and just go live the life of a normal man by providing a proper life to his family. But he would never listen, he always wanted to serve the nation, just like his brother did. Eventually, he did join the army and had the privilege of serving India and we, his friends, could not be any happier. That is until we came to know that he lost his life during a battle at the border.

I didn’t know how to react to that situation at that time. I didn’t know if I should be happy that he died doing what he loved, or I should be sad that I failed as a friend and could not convince him to stay back. To be very honest, I think our soldiers deserve more respect and pride because, believe it or not, we would never have the guts to do what they to do.

Addressing Sensitive Issues

By releasing this film on Republic day, ZEE5 endeavors to represent the emotional journey of our brainwashed youth. These young lads are brainwashed and mislead in the name of religion or by exploiting their weakness which has resulted in more violent attacks in the recent past.  

The film features the real event depicting the tough circumstances of a brave Indian soldier, Salim who fights with militants at Kashmir inspired by Jihad. It showcases, how our Jawans faces challenges to save motherland. While fighting for the safety of the nation and its citizens, they never bother about their very own life. Rather, they welcome death with open arms for the love of Mother India. The cast of the film is Nikhil Chavan, Yatin Karyekar, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Aditi Bhaskar, Rinku Karmarkar and Radhika Harshe. All the actors have justified their role, and we can expect to see them in more good projects.

Story from a different perspective

The story revolves around the Kashmir and its struggle for freedom. Veergati shows how two people with a different perspective towards life. The movie shows the aftermath of stone pelting which leads to a furious fight and the resultant attacks. Lieutenant Salim tries to take control over the terrorist activities and save Kashmir along with its civilians. Salim was the only son of a poor family, and his parents were always extremely happy with his achievements. But this achievement very soon leads to a fatal death. And it is this death that makes us rethink about everything that we know in our life. The youth of the nation should be brought up with an ideology that will help to shape their judgment about right and wrong.

ZEE5 presenting real heroes

ZEE5 is one OTT platform that always endeavors to promote or exhibit original concept supported by innovative format. Their content library has a mixed bag of movies, tv serials and web series. By mirroring the reality of life and spreading awareness among youth, Veergati has well diversified various facets to make a healthy society. Hence, you should check out Veergati on ZEE5 right away.  

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