Why you should visit The Exumas in the Bahamas ASAP

Why you should visit The Exumas in the Bahamas ASAP

August 8, 2018 16 By Ruchi Verma

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Did you ever imagine yourself lying on the white sand beach while listening to the waves from the crystal clear water that break to your feet? Seeing the sunset fall and feel heavenly relaxed because of the cool ocean breeze. If you want to experience the vision of reality, then you must visit Exumas in the Bahamas – a perfect beach place that offers something to every traveler.

The Exumas is one of the districts in Bathe Hamas that encompasses over 365 islands which is also called cays. One of the largest cays in Exuma is called Great Exuma. It has significant cultures, interesting history and heavenly fresh sea foods. There are some scene of Pirates of the Caribbean that was filmed in Little Exuma, one of the cays in Exuma district. The island offers wia de range of activities such as sailing, diving, yachting, cave exploring and coral reefs. There are various rentals in the Bahamas ranging from private homes, resorts, and condos that have the best deal for every type of traveler.

If you are still hesitant to visit the Exumas, here are some important reasons why you should be on your bucket list.


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  1. Exumas: Crystal clear waters

As you go in this island together with family and friends you may able to experience this tropical paradise with 365 amazing islands surrounded by crystal clear water and white sand beaches that perfect fit to unwind and leave the city for a while. You will definitely fall in love and be fascinated with its beauty. Each island has its own distinction although, you can flounder crystal clear water anywhere in the Bahamas.

  1. Exumas: Swimming pigs

Aside of enjoying the beach and the beautiful scenery, another unique activity you can do in Exuma is to visit pig beach. This is an uninhabited island wherein there are the group of the pig taking over residency. The island is the home by twenty pigs, few stray cats and goats. When you go there, you will be entertained to see them swimming as well. According to the legend, there were a group of sailors of who intentionally dropped off some pigs with the intention of cooking them when they come back. Another legend says that pig were survivors of a nearby shipwreck. Every single day, any person can visit the island to feed and take care of the pig.

  1. Exumas: Snorkeling

One of the popular water activities in Exuma is taking advantage of the impossibly clear waters by snorkeling. Before you head to the beach, grab your snorkeling gear as you will surely be amazed witnessing the beauty of the underwater. Expect the colorful fish, sea slugs, turtles, starfish and shark during your snorkeling adventure.

Thunderball Grotto in Exuma island can offer you exciting snorkeling trip. A limestone cave in Staniel Cay an island in Exuma. This island is used as a filming location for the two James Bond films: Thunderball and Never Say Never! As you go outside the limestone island, it’s something special you will be able to see that it was beautifully surrounded by the Bahamian blue water.

It is not scary at all to do snorkeling in this spot as the water is clear that enables you to see the coral and fish easily. There is a large hollow cavern with holes in the ceiling with the sun’s rays shining through the medium that is lighting up the cave while hundreds of colorful fish swimming below. Take note, there is the specific time of the day you can do snorkeling here. If it is high tide, you are not allowed because of the rough waves and strong current.

  1. Exumas: Swimming with sharks at Compass Cay

Another activity you can do is to have a thrilling opportunity to swim with sharks. This exciting adventure will push you out of your comfort zone.

Compass Cay is the best destination for such kind of activities because there are different kinds of sharks that takes up residency in this area. Before you do the activity, you are oriented with the environment especially in dealing with sharks.


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These sharks are not like those that you see in the movie Jaws. The nurse sharks are much harmless and they are slow moving bottom feeders who prefer fish, shrimp, and squid but they have very small but strong jaws that may bite to defend if they are bothered.

So, it is important to be respectful and keep your distance. This experience is something that you will be proud of and will remember for the rest of your life.

  1. Exumas: It’s for solo travelers, too

Despite oozing with romantic scenery, it might come as a surprise but the Exumas is also a favorite destination for solo travelers. Traveling alone is fun to do. Perhaps as a beginner, it can be a daunting task because you become so stressed out and lonely but this is also a great opportunity to meet other travelers that on the same and even different as you.

The Exumas is booming as a great destination for solo travelers who might want some alone time and do some soul searching.

There you have it, 5 exciting reasons why you should visit the Exumas in the Bahamas. Of course, there are tons of other important reasons why this place is a popular destination but this list could go on forever.

Have you been to the Exumas? How was your visit? Do let me knows in the comment section below and if not, are you excited to visit just like me!!!

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