Why You Should Take the NAPLAN Test: Preparing For the NAPLAN Standardized Test

Preparing for a standardized test is essential, so you better prepare for this once-a-year assessment of your academic capabilities. You want to aim for a good result because it will be the basis of your skill. Not only for the sole sake of number assessment or grade result, but this will be a chance to enhance and focus your fundamental academic skills.

The standardized test shall shift your attention to the foundation of what you need. NAPLAN tutoring will help you focus study and work on important basic knowledge. Enhancing this foundation and basics will make your advanced learning easier and more convenient.

Understanding NAPLAN

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, also known as NAPLAN, is a series of standardised tests in Australia introduced in the year 2008. Students take the NAPLAN test in each school in grade 3, 5, 7, and 9.

This test was developed and administered by ACARA, or Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. The parents of students can decide if their children will take the standardized test or not. However, a vast majority of students of year levels 3, 5, 7, and 9 participate.

ACARA started the process of developing the standardised test in 1999, to make sure the measurement of student’s literacy skills and numeracy skills are accurate, valid, and reliable. It is designed to assess the Australian students’ ability on basic skills such as numeracy skills, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, and language. The standardised test is made primarily for the reason to determine each student if they are performing below, or at above the National Minimum standard in the field of numeracy and literacy.


How NAPLAN helps

The results of the NAPLAN test are helpful for the parents in starting the discussion with their child or children about the progress they are doing academically. The test results can also be used by students to reflect on where their weaknesses are and how to start making themselves better in the specific field of study. It is also a way where students can know and assure themselves where they are best at and use their potential as an investment to more fruitful learning and career.

Most especially, the test results will be used to identify the strength and weakness of the country’s current educational curriculum and teaching program, thus making the system of education better.

Benefits of NAPLAN Tutoring

NAPLAN tutoring classes can be beneficial and get you ready because they help you define and assess the areas you need to work on more and need greater effort to give in. It will also help you enhance your abilities in subjects where you’re already good at.

Reviewing on your own can be tricky because you do not have formal guidelines to follow, unlike accessing tutoring. After all, they have detailed review materials. You are likely to be overwhelmed with topics you need to study.

Centres that offer NAPLAN tutoring can help you greatly because they well know enough what might happen on the day of the standardised tests. They can simulate the testing environment so you will be fully prepared for the test day. They know well what areas and topics you need to focus on.

Your tutor will give you useful tips, new ways, and techniques in answering questions and understanding the questions. The schedule of NAPLAN tutoring is also flexible; they will only give you certain hours and certain days a week. It can save you a lot of time studying, reviewing, and preparing alone.

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