Why Parents are more tensed at exam time ?


I don’t know what to do? last exams Isha’s friend scored more than her and Isha was lit­tle sad” Megha asked Raghav in tensed mood. 

Why are you com­par­ing your daugh­ter capa­bil­i­ty ?” Raghav always hat­ed com­par­ison

You will not under­stand…” She again went towards study room and start­ed teach­ing Isha. 

This is com­mon prob­lem or com­mon con­ver­sa­tion dur­ing exam times.

Have you ever won­dered why we as par­ents are more tensed and cre­ates such sit­u­a­tions?


  1. A com­par­ison is the biggest mis­take we do and lead to tensed.
  2. Social pres­sure, social updates 100/100 atten­dance or 100/100 marks.

The respon­si­bil­i­ty of Par­ents: 

  1. Remem­ber every child is unique with his/her tal­ent, aca­d­e­mics are very impor­tant but don’t think that your child can be a jack of all traits, may­be your kid is gift­ed with some oth­er tal­ent than solv­ing maths ques­tions.
  2. Don’t pres­sur­ize your child to score more than what you want.
  3. Help them to study in the hap­pi­est envi­ron­ment.
  4.  Guide them to study and help them to solve their ques­tions and doubts.
  5. Let them take a break and indul­ge them­selves in their most loved activ­i­ty may be music, danc­ing or play­ing out­side which will work like a stress buster for them.
  6. Give them pos­i­tive encour­age­ment. Par­ents guid­ance and par­ents encour­age­ment works as a med­i­cine.

Give your child wings of your sup­port, encour­age­ments, and love rather putting him on your social pres­sure. Let your child be what he/she wants not what your face­book sta­tus needs.



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  1. Hi Ruchie, yes I am also tense when my daugh­ter has to pre­pare for exams.However, she is just in 4rth grade. And I am not the type of mom or rather my fam­i­ly is also for that mat­ter, who pres­suris­es for the rank or com­par­ison. Here, my daugh­ter has set some stan­dards of her own and now as she is get­ting in high­er class­es, she has start­ed tak­ing things light­ly. Her seri­ous­ness is going down. So I feel as she is grow­ing up, her inter­est is grow­ing low as if she is get­ting bored of stud­ies or school. And it gets dif­fi­cult for me to make her sit and study.

    • I too sail in same boat but yes I give Ira(my daugh­ter ) time to go ahead play and music …but at same time I have stopped one thing “com­par­ing her with her friends and cousins ”

  2. so true, hits you hard on the most sen­si­tive point. Par­ents & peers pres­sure is a real killer. I still have some yrs to face that, but have seen oth­ers expect­ing too much from young minds. Wish they under­stand.….

  3. How I hat­ed exams! Thank­ful­ly my mom was real­ly sup­port­ive dur­ing exam times. She ensured that I wasn’t stressed. Nice sug­ges­tions you have list­ed here I must say.

    • Thanks dear… I remem­ber my mom always says dur­ing exams “if you study u only gain … so all depends on u ” that time nev­er under­stood but did full jus­tice to study now real­izes her this sen­tence

  4. Some­times we don’t take things seri­ous­ly before­hand but as the exam time approach­es ‚we sud­den­ly get over bur­dened as we have to do dai­ly tasks along with exam prepa­ra­tion.….
    To cope with this it’s bet­ter to make a sched­ule for our­selves and lat­er for a child.This will be a great help I sup­pose

  5. I am the exact oppo­site, I hat­ed exam pres­sure and I don’t even pres­sure S to fin­ish his home­work. I believe, every child will even­tu­al­ly get to where they have to and I rather not inter­fere in the process. Espe­cial­ly when it comes to aca­d­e­mics, because that is not the end of the world any­way.

  6. Com­par­ison, for sure, is the root cause of all evil and so it is when it comes to exam stress and the undue pres­sure par­ents cre­ate upon their chil­dren. I nev­er stressed about my exams atleast in school and my par­ents nev­er pres­sur­ized me dur­ing exam prepa­ra­tions. I hope to keep it the same for my son too.

  7. Com­par­ison nev­er helps anybody.And Par­ents need to guide them too.No chilkd will vol­un­tar­i­ly want to study until we make it fun .Thats why Ruchi your advice to Geeth­i­ca is perfect.Write a per­son­al jour­nal after you have stud­ied !You are a very wise mommy.Thank you for writ­ing with us for #Mon­day­Mom­my­Mo­ments

  8. The prob­lem is, we know that marks and school­ing do not make any sense in rest of the life. Still, we force the kids to study or do things that they are not inter­est­ed in. It is social pres­sure. We know that what­ev­er we score in school or what­ev­er atten­dance we achieve is not going to decide what we do in life or define us. Edu­cat­ing par­ent and neigh­bors about par­ent­ing makes some dif­fer­ence in future at least.

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