Why Is Glucose Monitoring Essential For People With Diabetes

Why Is Glucose Monitoring Essential

People living with diabetes have to manage their condition effectively to avoid health complications and lead healthy and active life. As per doctors, regular monitoring of glucose levels is most important because your food choices, activity levels, and medication all have an impact. You will be able to make changes only if you are aware of fluctuations.

Why is glucose monitoring important for people with diabetes

Regular glucose monitoring help reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications. It also reduces the risk of low glucose events when you keep an eye on the fluctuations and work towards managing them.

In fact, steady glucose control is an important part of glucose management. Monitoring glucose and keeping it in the target range directly impacts your HbA1c,  which is a measure of average blood glucose over the previous 3 months.

CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitoring allows people to check glucose levels in real time. This can be done through a simple wearable device that keeps a continuous tab on your glucose levels.

Working of a CGM device

A CGM device like Freestyle Libre has a sensor and a reader. The sensor can be worn on your body. Freestyle libre sensor can be attached to the back of your upper arm for up to 14 days. The application is pain less and the sensor is waterproof which means convenience.

The reader can scan the sensor and give the person glucose readings in real time. Again, the process is painless and since the scan can be done through your clothes, it’s also discreet.

The entire setup takes a few minutes and is very user-friendly. Senior citizens too can understand the usage without any confusion.

Why Is Glucose Monitoring Essential

Why do you need CGM to monitor glucose?

Every person living with diabetes checks their glucose levels regularly. In the case of blood tests and traditional BGM devices, the results give you glucose values at a single point in time.

On the other hand, a CGM device gives real-time updates, trends, and glucose history that gives you the entire ‘story’. You get data on what’s happened in the past, how’s it going now, and the trends so that you can understand high and low glucose events. These key insights help in the management of daily glucose levels and reduces their risk of long-term complications.

Data that you can get from CGM

Freestyle libre can give you data on your glucose levels that can help you or your doctor take informed decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, or medication.

An average reading gives you current glucose levels, an arrow that shows whether your glucose is rising or falling or is stable. In case of a change, the arrow can tell whether the rise or fall is slow or rapid.

A glucose graph gives you up to 8 hours of glucose history. You can also see at a glance whether your glucose levels are above or below your target range.

Because of the arrows and the graphs, it’s very easy to understand your glucose levels. Hence, it’s very accessible and user-friendly.

If you are someone living with diabetes or are a caregiver, Continuous Glucose Monitoring can be a boon.

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  1. For those with diabetes, indeed proper and regular monitoring of Glucose is of vital importance. After all Diabetes needs to be managed with the right medication, diet, and exercise and for this proper review is essential.

  2. My father has diabetes and timely monitoring helps a lot. This is a piece of great information and we as caretakers must take this advise seriously. Thank you for sharing the right information.

  3. I remember having to prick my Mom’s finger to check her glucose levels every time. She hated it. This CGM device is so handy and seems far more accurate. Much needed for diabetics!

  4. Both my parents are diabetic & I agree that continous glucose monitoring is essential for effectively controlling diabetes. Thanks for this super informative blog post ?? #livingfullywithdiabetes

  5. Both my parents are diabetic & I agree that continous glucose monitoring is essential for effectively controlling diabetes. Thanks for this super informative blog post ?? #livingfullywithdiabetes

  6. Regular glucose monitoring is very crucial for diabetics. And it is really great that devices like FreeStyle Libre are helping caretakers to do that easily with any worry.

  7. My husband is having sugar and we have been working and monitoring his lifestyle, diet and sugar levels on a daily basis.

  8. Regular glucose monitoring is vital that can keep track of health and help patients to manage their healthy lifestyle.

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