6 Absolutely Important Pointers How To Select School Board In India- CBSE, ICSE, And IB Board?

School Board

There are around 900 universities and around 40000 colleges and about 15 lakh schools in India. However, parents have major concerns about where to put their children. It is quite challenging to prefer any one Indian board. India has one of the largest education systems in the world and also provides a buffet of choices. It doesn’t matter what your skillset or career preferences are. In every field, the Indian education system is going to excite you. The best thing about the Indian school system is that it provides you the choice between multiple school boards between State Board, CBSE, ICSE, and IB. Though every choice between these boards has its advantages and cons. When you choose the right board for you then it is going to decide how you can spend the major portion of your life.

Let’s examine the differences and similarities between the colleges and universities that are members of the different boards of India.

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How to select the right school board for your kids?

If you are wondering how you need to select the right education board in India for your kids then you are on the right page. Here we will give you the most authentic method to select the right board for you. You need to consider several factors to know the right option for your child.

Mainly the choices of school board selection depend on several factors which include the following:

  • Curriculum:

The first thing you need to figure out is the curriculum of the board. Most of the curriculum of the board is strict and controlled by the higher authority. If you are looking for the best curriculum then CBSE is the most preferable option. Make sure to check the set curriculum of each board to learn and include the set bunch of subjects that your child needs to study. You can check what type of education you want to give your kids.

The curriculum and the examination structure focus a lot on the application of knowledge and skill-based learning to make your child ready for the future. The primary objective of the curriculum is to prepare the students to appear for the Indian competitive examination.

  • Subjects provided by the board

Now here comes the second factor which is important to consider. Usually, different boards have different education patterns with different subjects. You can choose the right board according to the requirement of the subject. Subjects are offered based on focus areas that also vary from school to school.

  • Education system

The board’s education system usually defines the level of education. You can count on the right board as per their level of education. You can check out the mandated subject to figure out the level of education. Different boards show different levels and allow you to choose the right one as the most convenient and better future for your child.

  • Co-Curricular Activities:

Many boards encourage schools to assist pupils in holistically developing themselves and in acquiring skills outside of the classroom. Sports, entrepreneurship, fine arts, music, and even vocational skills can all be learned or practiced on the premises of the majority of boards of education institutions. So, these schools will provide you with at least a fundamental framework to pursue a pastime.

  • Teaching Methodology:

Because the curriculum is very simplistic and the assessments don’t encourage exploration but instead heavily rely on memorization, the teaching pedagogy is similarly quite basic. To “teach” the pupils a particular subject in the context of a typical classroom, the methodology is therefore particularly teacher-centric. There is no doubt that the teaching methodology of the different boards will allow you to choose the right one. Make sure to be assured of the teaching methodology to assess the benefits of the right board selection.

  • Purpose

Every student and parent has different dreams for their future. If you know the right purpose of education for your child then the selection of the right school board becomes easier for you. To get the right school board, you need to know your purpose and what to become in yours. If you are willing to apply to the University in India to become an engineer, in architecture or medicine then CBSE is the best board to choose from. If you are planning something else for your future then you can go for the other boards accordingly.

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School Board

What are the differences between CBSE, ICSE, and IB schools board?

Just picking a good school is no longer sufficient due to the changes in the modern educational system. The kids must be enrolled in the appropriate school board. Nevertheless, how will you know which school board is superior to the other? We’ve provided a comparison of these school boards to make the process easier for you.

PopularityIn terms of popularity, the CBSE board is at the top. The CBSE board is considered the most popular school board and always draws more attention from parents to enroll their children in a school that is affiliated with the CBSE board. According to the survey report, it was found that around 24000 schools in India are affiliated with the CBSE board and follow the CBSE curriculum.After CBSE, the ICSE board is popular and consists of around 2600 schools affiliated all over the country.IB boards are less popular as compared to other school boards.
Subjects offeredWith CBSE-affiliated schools, the primary focus is given on science and mathematics. However other subjects are also taught very well.With the ICSE board, they give focuses on subjects like science, mathematics, commerce, social science, and humanities equally. This is the reason why ICSE schools are known for their focus and also consider focusing more on English learningIB board gives equal focus to all the subjects.
Future range or scopeFor students whose major goal is to succeed in engineering and medical competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc., the CBSE board is regarded as an excellent choice. In CBSE schools, the teaching methodology is used in a way that best prepares the students for these kinds of tests.The ICSE board is mainly concerned with the student’s skill and knowledge development. Students can prepare for the JEE, NEET, and other examinations as well, but ICSE also gets them ready for other exams including English language tests and scholarship exams.IB board is regarded as the best for students who want to pursue higher education in the future. The student’s preparation for the tests required for enrollment in international universities is made easier because it follows a worldwide curriculum.
Towards Academic Approach  According to the sources, it was concluded that CBSE schools still have the same old traditional academic approach to teaching. The primary purpose of teaching is to offer a quality education system to the children in all aspects so that they become capable of scoring good marks in every competitive exam and getting ahead with their bright future. However, very less focus is given to their extracurricular development.If we talk about the curriculum of the ICSE board then it is designed in such a way that it imparts education and knowledge to the students along with extracurricular development as wellIB schools are more advanced in terms of their curriculum and equally, focus on the development of the students. The curriculum of the IB schools includes a lot of extracurricular and cocurricular activities as well.        

The Final Talk

Picking the appropriate school board is the first step parents must do when enrolling a child in school. Between these three education boards in India, there are few distinctions and few parallels. It can be easier for parents (or kids) to choose the right board for them if they have a basic understanding of them.

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  1. I must say, your post distinguishing all Indian education boards is going to be a hit among students and their parents. There is always a keen interest in knowing the inclination of teaching in different schools.

  2. It can be a real challenge and also a source of confusion when it comes to selecting the right School Board unless you have done proper research and your homework. Apart from understanding about all the options, it is also very critical to analyze your child’s own strengths and weaknesses, before finalizing what is best for him or her.

  3. Whatever be the differences between the 3 boards that you discussed above, what I feel is most important is the guidance of parents and also the effort of student. If these two are balanced students from any board can come up with shinning results.

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