What kind of Blogger are you?

What kind of blogger

Blogging is something that always brings me a smile and satisfaction of doing what I love. I still remember when started blogging there were many challenges but one thing in which I believe the most is never saying NO. I accepted those challenges and made my own way.

What’s special with my blog?

Now, this is the biggest challenge every blogger face, and I too when started. Everyone will ask you what’s your blog’s specialty like we ask in the restaurant your chef’s special, ah!! sound like really something cooking inside my blog space.

Yes!! I have a blog which I proudly say “lifestyle blog“. My blog is for everyone and because of everyone who has given me a reason to write and share.

So, for me, my blog is my face, my identity and my perfect place to share my kind of views. Why you are blogging? What you are blogging? and What kind of blogger you are? Take this interesting quiz and share with me what it reveals about you!!

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. wow..that was an interesting quiz. it says I am a Lifestyle Blogger. I would say a part of it is true as I am first parenting blogger but it has an element of lifestyle too. To me, my satisfaction while writing/ blogging means a lot.

  2. Very interesting post.. Loved answering the questions. For me blogging can never me the primary source of earning as I believe in sharing knowledge that is my niech and not any random stuff.

  3. Very engaging quiz! Its amazing to see how you are bringing in more and more variety for your readers and audiences. Keep up the good work!

  4. Loved it totally and found out my exciting results too. For me blogging is all about sharing my areas of expertise with others and at the same time learning new things from others experience too.

  5. Quizzes are the rage now.It says I am a lifestyle blogger .I love reading and writing both though.Fun time with the course.

  6. The Quiz was very interesting to take. Thanks Ruchie. I guess it’s a passion for me as I take it as my identity.

  7. Haha this was nice, I came out to be a lifestyle blogger, I would love to know how it calculates and what are the other results.

  8. Wow that was such a fun and interesting quiz! I have always perceived myself as a Lifestyle blogger or a Beauty Blogger but today I got to know I am a trendsetter too. Loved it!

  9. This was an interesting quiz, loved taking it. It says I’m a travel blogger which I am but I also write about parenting and a few other things. I totally enjoyed taking this quiz.

  10. This was a fun and insightful quiz. Made me think back and question a lot of reasons and my purpose behind blogging. I got Business Blogger.

  11. I tried the quiz section and the result was ‘the trendsetter’ .. I enjoyed alot . Can you plz share how it is calculating things.

  12. This was certainly a very interesting quiz. I got Business blogger though I am fueled by ambition I am still to make money.. :I

  13. Interesting! I am not sure how true this analysis is but surely it’ll give direction to the new bloggers trying to find their niche. Good one, Ruchi.

  14. This is amazing quiz and Yes sometimes people portray themselves as different and keep posting as different form of content.

  15. Loved it.Infound myself business blogger at last.This is amazing quiz and loved it.I also wanted to monetize my blog.

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