What kind of Blogger are you?

What kind of Blogger are you?

August 4, 2020 15 By Ruchi Verma

Blogging is something that always brings me a smile and satisfaction of doing what I love. I still remember when started blogging there were many challenges but one thing in which I believe the most is never saying NO. I accepted those challenges and made my own way.

What’s special with my blog?

Now, this is the biggest challenge every blogger face, and I too when started. Everyone will ask you what’s your blog’s specialty like we ask in the restaurant your chef’s special, ah!! sound like really something cooking inside my blog space.

Yes!! I have a blog which I proudly say “lifestyle blog“. My blog is for everyone and because of everyone who has given me a reason to write and share.

So, for me, my blog is my face, my identity and my perfect place to share my kind of views. Why you are blogging? What you are blogging? and What kind of blogger you are? Take this interesting quiz and share with me what it reveals about you!!

ยฉ Ruchie Verma.

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