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  1. Honestly dear I did not have any idea about demat account. learnt a lot about it with your post, I like the fact that with this account, you do not need to maintain a minimum balance.

  2. A very enlightening post, Ruchi. You have simplified all the complicated terms bankers use. Your post helped me understand Demat related information better.

  3. Many are often not aware of this but would like to open an account, your post can really help them, buddy. good one!

  4. This is very insightful post. People who are interested in stock and shares must know this. I have one but solely managed by my hubby.. Haha.. But today your past have taught me something.

  5. I seriously had no much idea about demat account thank you for sharing the detailed information definitely will be checking out.

  6. The Other Brain Inc.

    I have studied finance and know about Demat accounts and how useful they can be for share trading and more. This post surely will help more women who aren’t so sound in finances.

  7. I’m actually in a phase where I just opened my demat account without knowing anything about it. Your post is definitely helping me take. step forward.

  8. You’ve broken it down well for beginners. For trading in shares, demat account is a must. Glad you informed about annual fees too.

  9. Very informative post regarding the Demat account. Having a Demat repatriable account now made things very easy in exchanging and transferring the bucks in minutes.

  10. Since the DEMAT accounts have become operational, the physical form of shareholding has become almost nill, as this is one stop solution for all your needs. This is an informative post for all those who are new to share markets

  11. This is a much needed information on demat accounts and its necessities. I was absolutely not aware of so much, other than the basics. Got yo know a lot.

  12. A very informative post for all those who don’t know the benefits of having a demat account. Thanks for sharing about it in a simple and easy way

  13. A Demat account has brought the world of stocks and shares right into our homes. It is so easy and convenient to transact through a Demat Account. This is a very informative post for those looking to understand the basics of a Demat Account.

  14. That’s very helpful information about demat account clearing many of my doubts about it. Never know that it’s not necessary to have any minimum balance

  15. I do have a Demat account and regularly trade from it. Its a good form of investing and saving as well for future goals. I loved how you have made it simple for everyone to understand the basics of Demat account.

  16. Thanks for sharing the details, I was planning to invest in the shares off late and was confused between the demat account types. Now , I know which one to open. I am gonna start with Demat Regular account

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