What Are The Packing Standards For Physical Bullion?

Who isn’t in love with the alluring yellow metal we call gold? Since we first roamed this blue planet, humans have been attracted to this amazing metal, which has rather unique properties. If you are thinking about diversifying your investment portfolio by acquiring gold bullion, there are obvious protocols to be followed.

When it comes to investing in physical bullion, one of the most important things to consider is the packing standards. This will help to ensure that your bullion is appropriately protected and avoid any damage during transport. Take a look at the packing standards for both coins and bars. If you’re thinking about investing in physical bullion, make sure to keep reading!

999.9 Purity

Gold bullion is typically 999.9 pure, which means it is soft and can easily be scratched; the golden rule (pun intended) is for gold to never touch gold; felt pouches and small boxes are commonly used to package small amounts of gold. If you want to buy gold in Adelaide from trusted dealers or perhaps in your city, a quick online search should lead you to a leading gold bullion dealer with offices near you. You are advised to take physical possession of any gold you acquire; only big dealers trade with paper, and the private investor doesn’t need to enter that world. Make an appointment, visit their offices and leave with your gold.

Wooden Pallets

The standard way for gold bullion (1kg bars) to be stored is using special timber pallets; each with a limit of 1 tonne and they can safely be stacked up to 6 high. Each bar would be encased in bubble wrap and secured to the degree it would not move if the forklift braked suddenly. When large volumes of gold bullion are transported, the customs department will scrutinize the pallets and the bars, ensuring they are safe to move. Special forklifts are used to carry gold bullion and, of course, all employees are screened by security.

Physical Bullion

Private Investors

Let’s say you have 30-40 gold coins of various issues, they would all be individually stored in felt-covered plastic boxes, which is the best form of protection. 1-ounce gold ingots can be stored in small felt pouches. You can fit a lot in a concealed bedroom safe, but the local security vault is the best place to store gold bullion.

Packed Professionally

When you buy gold from a registered gold bullion dealer, the commodity is inspected and packed according to industry standards; all the hallmarks and stamps would be in place. It is essential that you take physical possession of any gold you purchase. Make an appointment and visit the bullion dealer’s offices, where the transaction can take place and you can take your gold with you when you leave.

The Importance Of A Gold Bullion Dealer

If you are looking to acquire gold on a regular basis, or trade to make a profit, you need to forge a working relationship with a leading gold bullion dealer with offices. Once you register as a user, you can access their secure market connections and trade in real-time, plus the dealer offers a wealth of useful resources to help you learn more about the market.

If you are entering the world of gold investment, it can seem a bit daunting, but with the Internet, you can learn about all aspects of gold. There are risks with all investments but gold consistently performs, which is why it is such a popular commodity.

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