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This is so love­ly and best sur­prise that my co blog­ger thinks that I am ver­sa­tile in writ­ing and nom­i­nat­ed me in Ver­sa­tile Blog­ger Award .

Well I love to say big thanks and a big hug to my co blog­ger Romi­la who has nom­i­nat­ed me , she is one down to earth per­son who always ready to help and sup­port in my jour­ney of writ­ing blog and to get nom­i­nat­ed by her gives me so much hap­pi­ness which could not be expressed in words!!!

Know about Versatile blogger award

Ver­sa­tile blog­ger award is an award given to blog­gers by blog­gers. The whole idea is to dis­cov­er new blogs and help and sup­port each oth­er. If you are nom­i­nat­ed, you’ve been award­ed the Ver­sa­tile Blog­ger award. “When you con­sid­er nom­i­nat­ing a fel­low blog­ger for the Ver­sa­tile Blog­ger Award, con­sid­er the qual­i­ty of the writ­ing, the unique­ness of the sub­jects cov­ered, the lev­el of love dis­played in the words on the vir­tu­al page. Or, of course, the qual­i­ty of the pho­tographs and the lev­el of love dis­played in the tak­ing of them.” This is what I found in the offi­cial web­site of Ver­sa­tile blog­ger award.

Rules for Versatile Blogger Award :

  1. Dis­play Award
    2.Thank the per­son who nom­i­nat­ed you
  2. Share sev­en facts about your­self
  3. Nom­i­nate up to 10 oth­er blog­gers
  4. Link your nom­i­nees and let them know of your nom­i­na­tion

7 Facts about me :

  1. I am a hap­py domes­tic engi­neer this is the name I have given to myself as man­ag­ing home is not less than any engi­neer­ing. 🙂
  2. I am smil­ing virus my quote in life is “Keep smil­ing as smile can heal up big prob­lems in life.” 🙂
  3. Danc­ing is in my blood. You play any kind of music and I can dance …Danc­ing is my pas­sion. 🙂
  4. Danc­ing diva “Mad­huri Dix­it Nene is my fav and I feel she is only one who can talk with her expres­sions. 🙂
  5. My biggest strength in life is my hub­by “Mayank <3 ”
  6. I love to write as it is stress buster for me. 🙂
  7. Per­son I miss most is one who is my ide­al …my dad who has given me val­ues to live with pride. 🙂

My Nom­i­na­tion for this pres­ti­gious award :

  1. Shalini  
  2. Ash­wini
  3. Sam
  4. Mayu­ra
  5. Anahi­ta 
  6. Farzeen
  7. Bhav­ish 
  8. Menaka
  9. Mayuri
  10. Vas­an­tha 

Now you know me and facts abut me …check the­se amaz­ing blog­gers and fol­low their writ­ings and enjoy but don’t for­get to share about your­self in com­ment below.:) <3


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