Indian vegetarian rainy day snacks to enjoy the monsoon season.

The cool breeze and lush greenery in the monsoon is something I just love and the foodie monster gets activated. Rainy season brings so much relief from the itching summer.

Rainy day snacks, are mandatory if only weather gives sign of rain. I am sharing my favorite 5 snacks.

1. Mix plate of Pakoade

Pakore is almost every family’s favorite, and it’s mandatory to be severed as one of the best rainy day snack when it dizzling.

I usually love to have mix different vegetable pakorades like onion, chillie, potatoes, even brinjal, spinach and other variety. My kids love to have paneer pakorade and cauliflower pakorade.

Dipped with gram flour batter with spices like red chili powder, salt, amchur(Dry mango), and dhaniya powder this is the best companion of rain.

Rainy day snacks

2. Chaat

Nothing can beat yummy and hot chaat during the rainy season. I love aalo tikki and my husband prefer matar chaat. Being from the city of nawabs, Lucknow I love basket chaat a lot. Rainy day snacks must be added to Chaat.

Basket chaat, is most famous in Lucknow and it’s filling. They filled the full basket with different tikkis and chaat which is just mouthwatering, I can bet you can’t finish that alone.

Next time if you are in Lucknow don’t forget to try basket chaat and thank me later.

3. Arbi ke pakode

This is one recipe of my mother that I love from the core of my heart and can have any time during the rainy season.. It is crispy and with the blend of flavors, it tastes outstanding.

If you want to try this check out my recipe here.

4. Farah

This is yet again one of the most loved evening snacks at our place. This is a typical north Indian snack that is usually famous as rainy season snacks and even it is made during Karwacauth.

Check out the easy recipe over here.

Rainy day snacks

5. Vada Pav

Staying in Mumbai vada pav is on go anytime food item for every single Mumbaikar. This is definitely in my list as it not only tastes yummy but also the green chillie and red chutney add so much taste.

You can check fast food flavors of Mumbai over here

Rainy Day Snacks

These are my top 5 all-time favorite rainy day snacks. Which is your on-go rainy day snacks share below in the comments.

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  1. Perfect snacks for a rainy day! It’s almost midnight and I’m hungry again. The photos are great!

  2. ohh my my…I am drooling…Rainy day calls for chapata snacks and you list has covered most of it. I am also a big fan of avi k pakora. We call it alu chi wadi. I checked the link you mentioned. We make it differently. I am always up for Vada pat.

  3. Yummy and mouthwatering rainy day snacks options Ruchi. I loved most of these, but vada pav is my all time favorite and I missed so much Indian style street foods here in USA.

  4. These images of monsoon snacks making me drool over. Thanks for reminding me, Basket chaat; it’s been more than 5 years of eating it; I noted it down for some weekend. However, my love for Vada Pav is top of all.

  5. All if them are mouthwatering snacks. Hey Ruchi I have never tried arvi ke pakode and Farah is something new to me.. I have checked your recipe..Will try this for sure… Added one more variety of snack for rainy day. Thanks dear.

  6. Rainy season and Indian snacks go hand in hand. I always like the mixed plate of pakode and with it Ginger tea, then it is the best combination set with melodious Arjit Singh songs. Your post made me nostalgic.

  7. Oh wow, Ruchie these are such drool-worthy recipes. Loved each one and I am coming back for the recipe of arbi ke pakode. And have my Sunday snack already planned now after reading through these recipes.

  8. The image of monsoon season snacks makes me hungry. These are all my favourite in rainy season with a cup of tea

  9. Wow reading this made me feel hungry. Vadapav n bhajiyas are the Perfect food to have during the rains clubbed with a cup of tea.

  10. Pakode and chaat with black coffee and a book. Wow rain can never be more romantic. Ur indeed tempting me

  11. Wow those are some yummy snacks to have amidst the rain. Especially chaat. I love having them during the rains

  12. crispy mix vegetable pakoras would top my list and something crunchy along with it and a hot cup of chai would just make it perfect monsoon snacking

  13. what delightful ideas for a rainy evening. of these, i know only of 2, so that gives me lots of more ideas to try out this season 🙂 thanks for sharing the recipes.

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