Understanding Childs personality

Understanding Childs personality

June 28, 2016 2 By Ruchi Verma



How we react to the others depends on our TEMPERAMENT, it is something we’re born with, a set of traits which make us unique from others. Understanding child personality is not rocket science. 

I always heard from my mom 4 fingers are not equal so how can you expect 2 children to be of similar triads or personality.

Every kid have a different reaction  : 
It’s not necessary that if you praise or scold your child he will react same the other kid do as every child is born with set of characteristics like intensity of reaction, activity level, tolerance for frustration, response to change, and reaction to new people.image

There is basically two types of the intensity of the reaction

1.Low-level reaction 


Kids who are low reactor just smile & sit or keep things inside hiding, to take out their personality out you should Turb things up to attract her attention. Choose music with a dynamic beat. Use a dramatic voice while reading.
Devise activities that involve taking turns so your child remains engaged.
Low-intensity children are often more responsive if they’re active.

2.High-level reaction



Such kid will shout and tell the world about their happiness & react soon, even they’ll show anger and disagreement also very loudly to understand n connect with them turn things down. Music and lighting should be soft. Gently remove your child from potentially explosive situations. Try redirecting — getting him engaged in a different activity — or just give him a big hug.
Make sure your child gets the sleep he needs.

Nothing is more important as your love & understanding for your child…

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