Top 7 Holi Songs #HoliHoppers

Top 7 Holi Songs #HoliHoppers

Holi is around the corner and it’s not possible to enjoy until unless you groove on some all-time hit Bollywood songs.

I have so many memories of this festival of colors…I still remember some iconic songs which are so evergreen and fresh that this festival looks incomplete without these top 10 holi songs!!!

1. Rang Barse(Silsila)

This is first song which comes in mind when we think of holi…featuring two superstars Amitabh Bachaan and Rekha got many remixes also but I really love the original track.

2. Aaj Na chodege (Kati Patang)

Sung by Late Kishore Kumar and Lataji this fun filled song is my next one of the fav song from Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh’s Kati Patang…

3. Aare jaa re hat natkhat(Navrang)

Those who knows me, very well know that I am crazy about dancing and this song is my personal fav because of just great dance picturization.

4. Holi ke Din (Sholay)

This real life jodi of Dharmendra and Hema Malini is my one of the fav and so this song from superhit Bollywood movie Sholay. This holi song is filled with masti and dance which fill smile and colors in life.

5. Holi Khele Raghuveera( Bhagbaan)

Next in my list is song from Bhagbaan movie which is again shows the fun and color festival with full zeal to enjoy starring Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachaan.

6. Let’s Play Holi(Waqt)

I really love the vibrancy of this song and full on masti will make your holi more fun filled.. Song is from Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachaan and Priyanka’s movie Waqt.

7. Balam Pichkari(Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani)

This is last but not least which is latest and all time hit with fun dance moves by Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor.

With this we are opening bloghop #HoliHoppers which is going to be filled with masti… fun….and colors….

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Top 7 Holi Songs #HoliHoppers

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  1. Oh! I love all these classic songs of Holi, need not to day Holi is ‘adhoori’ without drumming or tapping on these songs. Happy Holi with #HoliHoppers

  2. I love all these songs. These go on my playlist.
    Happy Holi With #HoliHoppers

  3. All these songs are my favorite too! They are so much fun and a must to be played on Holi!

  4. All these songs bring in so many memories and pep you up always. My favourite is the Balam Pichkari one.

  5. All this song brings so manny Momeoris and my favorite song Do me a favoar let’s play Holi luv colours #Holi Hai #HoliHoppers

  6. This is such a nostalgic post! Each song is reverberating in my ears! Happy holi 🙂

  7. These are evergreen songs and always a hit in Holi parties. Thanks for writing about them, starting my day on a musical note! 🙂

  8. Rang barse and balam pichkari are my favourite songs out of this fun list. Holi is incomplete without music and good Holi songs.

  9. Oh these songs, one can never get enuf of these songs on Holi? my playlist was set with all these songs only.?

  10. Holi feels incomplete without these songs..especially rang barse….

  11. Holi is incomplete without a dose of these classic songs! It always has to start with Rang barse and everything else follows. I will add Holi aayi from Mashaal to this list too.

  12. Holi songs are always so good to hear every year. There may be additions of songs but the old ones are totally nostalgic.

  13. Oh I love the old classics , Rang barse is so synonymous with Holi , the moment it plays it reminds me of fun, joy and colours

  14. I craeted a playlist of these songs 🙂 My guests were in so much awe at our pre-holi bash. This is just the best Holi collection possible.

  15. Lovely classical songs. I love all of them. With these songs playing holi has awesome fun and feel.

  16. Holi is incomplete without playing this song, they all are amazing especially rang barse

  17. These are the songs played in.Holi…yes of course…lovely classical songs…steal anyone’s heart and give immediate happiness to anyone…

    Holi with fun colour and joy


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