Top 10 Home Appliances you must have in 2021

Being a homemaker is not a simple job and in today’s scenario every member of the family is a homemaker. Having best home appliances adds support to your work and makes life easier. Home appliances should be such which not only makes your work easy but also reduce the time and efforts.

There are so many top home appliances brand that makes gadgets and electronic devices that work as we require very easily.

Top 10 home appliances

Let me share my favorite top 10 home appliances which you must own and have at home.

1. Balzano Aero Vac 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

During this pandemic of COVID-19, when maids are not allowed and the second wave is on a tall peak, we have to be more responsible to keep our home super clean and hygienic. During, my search for a good vacuum cleaner I found Balzano Aero Vac 2 in 1 Vacuum cleaner best for me. With, 4 different attachments this is perfect to keep not only my floors clean but also my taken away my worry for how to keep my carpets and rugs clean? Chairs and sofa cleaning at home are easy with this 2 in 1 handy Vacuum cleaner.

Home Appliances

Cleaning window panes always the biggest challenge but now I have this support system and every corner of my home is perfectly clean and the best part is its price which is so affordable to the pocket.

2. IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The next most important appliance which should be there at your place is a washing machine. There are many brands whose washing machines are available in India. For, last 7 years I am using IFB 7Kg front door washing machine and it is the best to partner for me in maintaining clothes hygiene at home.

Home Appliances

3. Godrej Refrigerator

Summers are here, and Refrigerators are the topmost priority. To maintain the freshness and nutritional value of vegetables and fruits invest in a good refrigerator.

Godrej is one of the trusted names in home appliances, using refrigerator from this brand since 2007 and still giving me the best of its result.

4. LG 1.5 liter Air Conditioner

LG brand needs no introduction, one of the most important home appliances we need in today’s scenario is the Air conditioner. We are trusting Air Conditioner for the last 7 years.

5. Balzano Yoga Blender

How to stay fit and healthy? This is the biggest question in today’s world. But my answer is simple with good, hygienic, and homemade food you can stay healthy and fit. When comes to juices which my kids love a lot, I prefer to make it in Balzano Yoga Blender as it is the next most important home appliance we need at home in our kitchen.

6. Printer

Like I said health is really important and the second thing we can’t avoid is education. Today kids are having their online classes and with a change in the study with new education policy and new teaching method kids need all their needs to be fulfilled from laptops to printers. I gifted my kid’s HP Printer, and it has solved all problems from scanning to printouts.

Home Appliances

Now we don’t have to step out for these things. I will recommend this for kids’ better education journey have this yet another essential home appliance at home.

7. LG Microwave

Coming back to my favorite place kitchen, I think the next important appliance required is Microwave and LG microwave can be your best baking partner.

8. Water purifier

Water purifier is very important appliance and need to be installed for sure for clean water consumption and Eureka Forbes is one of the best when it comes to water purifier.

9. Bajaj Iron

Everything depends on how you are presentable and with online classes, work from home, all video calls every member needs to look presentable in their video calls. Bajaj Iron box is something need not miss as still, we ourself have to iron the clothes nowadays.

10. Television

Entertainment should not be overlooked, and this is the age of smartness and so the last but never the least is to have this home appliance is the must. There are many televisions available in the market with different configurations and brands. You can select as per your choice and pocket.

These are extremely important top 10 most important home appliances you must have. Share in comments if I have missed any other.

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  1. Appliances have made our jobs easy. I do not like to gather multiple gadgets. But I like to buy those which I am going to use on regular basis and can be use for multiple purposes. In this list, I would like to add Electric griddle.

  2. I think I do need to get the Vacuum cleaner for those tough corners and the sofa and carpets, it would save a lot of time and help keep allergens at bay.

  3. totally worthy list buddy all of these are a must, I sure am gonna check them out at the earliest

  4. My magic cleaner needs a mention in this post.We are so indebted to these devices for letting us survive in 2020 2021 .Without these life would be super tough indeed.

  5. Have all of these except a printer at home. Of course different brands though. The yoga blender looked like an interesting product. How is it different from the usual blenders?

  6. All these appliances make our job easy. Now a days I have seen robotics Mop also, used by many as maids are prevented due to covid norms.

  7. Your list is extensive with all the products much of use in the family. With pandemic on rise, I would like to add Dishwasher, that has turned as a boon to me in this tiring times.

  8. Yoga blender is a good choice in all houses. I am planning to buy one at my place. Thanks for your recommendations.

  9. A household without these appliances would be dysfunctional. The brands that you have recommended are all the best in their respective fields.

  10. Indeed even we have a few of these shortlisted to buy for home use. I have been planning to buy a printer for a long time as Kids these are at home and need a lot for online classes.

  11. Such a relevant list. All these things are super useful and much needed in any home for better life and ease of work. I loved the Yoga Blender a lot.

  12. These are very essential item in day to day lifestyle routine. Thanks for listing them at one place and with respective recommendation

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