5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Refrigerator For Home

Thinking of buying a new refrigerator? Well, good for you, it reminds me of the time when I was looking for a new refrigerator.

Buying a refrigerator is a big decision that should be taken with patience, not quickly, and with proper research, as you are going to invest your hard-earned money in it and you do not want to spend it on something that makes you regret it.

While looking for a good refrigerator there are several points that you must keep in mind like the shape of the refrigerator, its features, safety ratings, your needs, and color. Now the question arises which and from where to buy a refrigerator?

Buying something online and offline has been a long debate, I don’t want to start it again, I will just simply say, it’s completely safe to buy refrigerators online but you must consider buying only from trustworthy websites like yodacart where you get amazing offers, deals and above all trust from the site to make the safe payment.

Why to do shopping from Yodacart?

Yodacart is the best destination to purchase refrigerators online, they offer refrigerators from India’s top brands that offer durability, the latest features & technology. You can get all the refrigerator latest models and all the different refrigerator brands in India over there.

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  1. Godrej 328 L Frost Free Double Door 2 Star
  2. Whirlpool 325 L Frost Free Double Door Bottom Mount 3 Star
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But you know what’s the best part of buying a refrigerator from Yodacart, they offer an AI-based recommendation engine to enable smooth product discovery by understanding your needs, usage habits, geo-analytics, etc. they have EMI options too, you can use their AR technology to interact with them, and last but not the least they offer delivery within 24 hours.

You can also participate in their mega giveaway and get a chance to win an appliance worth ?50,000, for more information you can visit this link Yodacart Giveaway.

Refrigerators come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. They also vary in price and features. Here are five things you should consider before buying a new refrigerator.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A New Refrigerator

1. Type of Refrigerator

There are five main types of refrigerators:

  • Side-by-Side
  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Triple door
  • Mini refrigerators

Single door comes with one door, specifically, it is the most suitable refrigerator for families having 2-3 members, and also for bachelors.

Double door refrigerators come with more storage facilities, they are suitable for families with 5-6 members. The refrigerator double door price is higher than the single door.

Triple-door refrigerators come with three doors. These types of refrigerators especially have one special segment for storing vegetables to keep them fresh for long durations, this type of refrigerator is suitable for big families having 6 – 8 members.

Side by Side refrigerators offer way more storage facilities than the other refrigerators, but the point to note here is that they are expensive as compared to others.

Mini refrigerators offer very limited space for storing items in it, as well as it offers very basic cooling, they are small in size as the name suggests, and they can be used for storing bottles, cold drink cans, vegetables, etc,

2. Energy Rating

Every refrigerator you see in the market has energy ratings or star ratings on them, these ratings play a very significant role.

These ratings are given out of 5 on the basis of how efficiently the refrigerator can use electricity. The more efficiently a refrigerator can use electricity, the more savings you will get, which means the higher the ratings, the greater the benefit.

Do not forget to consider these ratings when you are buying a brand-new refrigerator for your home.

Buying a refrigerator

3. Refrigerator’s Features

While searching for a new refrigerator, you must consider purchasing the refrigerator’s latest model as it comes with the latest problem-solving technology and features.

Features make our lives easier, having features in the refrigerator like water or ice dispenser, cool pack, convertible, deodorizer, etc can be really life-saving.

Before actually ordering a refrigerator online, do proper research on the features it comes with, and make a good decision that makes you proud whenever you use your refrigerator and not regret it.

4. Don’t Forget About Safety

It’s also important to consider safety when choosing a fridge. Make sure the doors open smoothly and easily, and that the handles are easy to use. Check out the temperature settings and make sure they work as expected. Also, check the seals around the doors and ensure that they are tight.

5. Choose the Right Colour

There are different colors available for refrigerators, so choose wisely. It’s basically up to you what color you want your fridge to be white, black, red, grey, or some other color, just keep in mind having a refrigerator with a color like white could be difficult to clean, and also pricing may vary as per the color of the refrigerator you decide to purchase.

One more important point that you need to keep in mind is which brand you should buy from, there are several refrigerator brands in India, you can go with any of the well-reputed brands like Samsung, LG, Godrej, etc.


I hope this article was insightful for you and that now you know the things you need to keep in mind before buying a refrigerator for your home. You don’t have to go with words but check all the amazing Yodacart’s offers available before making the right choice.

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  1. I did not heard about Yodacart before but it seems like a great option to buy various products. will check out their website to know more. thanks for sharing useful tip to consider before buying a refrigerator.

  2. Yodacart.. this is new to me but this is something good to know. Yes refrigerator has become every household’s need. And it is good that everyone has options available according to their budget.

  3. Yes choosing the latest model is so important. When it goes out of order, and the old parts are unavailable, you will be in a fix. Then you’re forced to buy a new fridge.

  4. Indeed very insightful information for every buyer looking to do a comparative study before stamping over one particular brand of refrigerator. Star rating is also one factor in my checklist when choosing any electronic item.

  5. Wish I knew about Yodacart before I bought my refrigerator. I’m impressed with the detailed info provided to make the right choice. Will check it out for more appliances.

  6. Yes, we need to stay updated while purchasing a new refrigerator, right from features to model look everything is important. I am surely going to make this my checklist for the next time that I decide to invest in a new refrigerator.

  7. while choosing the latest model, my husband and I always go for star rating and energy consumption. with our recent house work we got a new fridge and made sure of these check before making the final choice,

  8. I have never thought of all these points while buying a fridge. It has always been any brand that is old and reliable. But next time I buy one I will surely come back to your post. Thank you for so much information in a simple way that I an understand.

  9. This is a good article, especially for 1st time buyers – it is so important to consider all these points before making the decision to purchase a fridge, especially since it will last you for a decade or so.

  10. Even if you know what you want most of the time we do tend to get confused seeing so many options. Yodacart using AI to know our need can definitely help in selecting the best one for us.

  11. Just the other day a friend was mentioning about Yodacart. How interesting that today I am reading about it. Incidentally, we are thinking of buying a new refrigerator. I will certainly take into consideration all these points that you have shared. Thanks Ruchi.

  12. Choosing an electronic item for the house is a big decision and needs to be taken after considering various options. Your post has covered all important factors that will help future buyers.

  13. Very insightful post . We should be updated enough before buying a new refrigerator. And it is good that everyone has options available according to their budget.

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