My Pas­sion for writ­ing goes well with my blog but it got boost and take my blog to next lev­el when I joined Blogchat­ter  a real plat­form for blog­ger to con­nect and grow.together.

Thanks team, Blogchat­ter for con­nect­ing me to all won­der­ful blog­gers and mak­ing my jour­ney more excit­ing.

Now when blogchat­ter announced about Blog­Bud­dy 3.0 I got myself reg­is­tered only thing I was know­ing that this is going to be a TEAM blog­ging activ­i­ty to grow togeth­er and when I got mail with name of my team mates…in which I was in touch with some but as soon as we 8 start­ed inter­act­ing each oth­er I found one major sim­i­lar­i­ty among us and that is “PASSION FOR BLOGGING & SHARING KNOWLEDGE” .

After dis­cussing 2 days with num­ber of team name sug­gest­ed we all got agreed on one name which we all loved and #TheMag­i­calPot born .…I per­son­al­ly call it ” AATH KE THAAT” .….


I am so hap­py that I’m a mem­ber of a team where we all lis­ten to each oth­er and respect each other’s ver­dict , vote and we have lib­er­ty to say our views.…

Let me intro­duce my team mem­bers:

  1. Shalini (@Kohleyedme) : img_7198Girl who don’t like pink colours, she will take you to the jour­ney with her blog with good book reviews, poem, fic­tion and what not she is a great writer whome I do admire. 🙂 keep that smile always.… Fol­low her blog  kohleyed.me so that you don’t miss any­thing.
  2. Mas­som( @MasoomJethwa):img_7193 He love talk to machi­nes via codes(scripts) in pro­gram­ming lan­guages, but he will take writ­ing skills which will sure­ly take away your heart <3 by his awe­some poems…Don’t dare to miss fol­low­ing him here mpjethwa.wordpress.com .
  3. Sam (@samjoths) :img_7197     Mechan­i­cal Engi­neer by paper degree but blog­ger by heart who is very well known and great poet among all blog­gers. From poet­ry to microp­o­et­ry he is jack of all traids don’t you wan­na fol­low him, his blog is click away awkwardearthling.wordpress.com .
  4. Ash­wini (@AshwiniDodani) : img_7194
    He is a MBA guy with superb reviews on gad­gets, prod­ucts and above that this social media brand­ing per­son is a great poet. Don’t think miss­ing his blog just hit and fol­low him ashwinidodani.com.
  5. Rohan (@rohank01)                 :img_7195A banker who knows how to in cash his emo­tions and present reviews on all and every­thing. Not only a poet but also a review­er whose smile will take you to his blog and you can’t stop fol­low­ing him here www.rohankachalia.com.
  6. Omkar 🙁 @omkarjc ):img_7196             Per­son with mul­ti tal­ent needs no intro just go and fol­low his blog if you are real­ly in searchoflife.com.
  7. Humaira: (@humairasadaf_ ): img_7192Not a sin­gle team is com­plete with­out a keen observer who can guide you by her knowl­edge and take us towards right direc­tion. Fol­low her creativelifestar.wordpress.com and get inspired.
  8. Ruchie (@ruchis28) : img_7200Last but not the least …me.… I am so hon­ored, hap­py and blessed to be a part of this Blog­bud­dy 3.0 and being a mem­ber with #TheMag­i­calPot. Fol­low me.…… 🙂 for­food­iefam­i­ly.

I am a Blog­bud­dy 3.0  with Blogchat­ter. Look­ing for­ward for much more fun, reads, friends and above all more knowl­edge .….

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