My Passion for writing goes well with my blog but it got boost and take my blog to next level when I joined Blogchatter  a real platform for blogger to connect and grow.together.

Thanks team, Blogchatter for connecting me to all wonderful bloggers and making my journey more exciting.

Now when blogchatter announced about BlogBuddy 3.0 I got myself registered only thing I was knowing that this is going to be a TEAM blogging activity to grow together and when I got mail with name of my team mates…in which I was in touch with some but as soon as we 8 started interacting each other I found one major similarity among us and that is “PASSION FOR BLOGGING & SHARING KNOWLEDGE” .

After discussing 2 days with number of team name suggested we all got agreed on one name which we all loved and #TheMagicalPot born ….I personally call it ” AATH KE THAAT” …..


I am so happy that I’m a member of a team where we all listen to each other and respect each other’s verdict , vote and we have liberty to say our views….

Let me introduce my team members:

  1. Shalini (@Kohleyedme) : img_7198Girl who don’t like pink colours, she will take you to the journey with her blog with good book reviews, poem, fiction and what not she is a great writer whome I do admire. 🙂 keep that smile always…. Follow her blog  kohleyed.me so that you don’t miss anything.
  2. Massom( @MasoomJethwa):img_7193 He love talk to machines via codes(scripts) in programming languages, but he will take writing skills which will surely take away your heart <3 by his awesome poems…Don’t dare to miss following him here mpjethwa.wordpress.com .
  3. Sam (@samjoths) :img_7197     Mechanical Engineer by paper degree but blogger by heart who is very well known and great poet among all bloggers. From poetry to micropoetry he is jack of all traids don’t you wanna follow him, his blog is click away awkwardearthling.wordpress.com .
  4. Ashwini (@AshwiniDodani) : img_7194
    He is a MBA guy with superb reviews on gadgets, products and above that this social media branding person is a great poet. Don’t think missing his blog just hit and follow him ashwinidodani.com.
  5. Rohan (@rohank01)                 :img_7195A banker who knows how to in cash his emotions and present reviews on all and everything. Not only a poet but also a reviewer whose smile will take you to his blog and you can’t stop following him here www.rohankachalia.com.
  6. Omkar 🙁 @omkarjc ):img_7196             Person with multi talent needs no intro just go and follow his blog if you are really in searchoflife.com.
  7. Humaira: (@humairasadaf_ ): img_7192Not a single team is complete without a keen observer who can guide you by her knowledge and take us towards right direction. Follow her creativelifestar.wordpress.com and get inspired.
  8. Ruchie (@ruchis28) : img_7200Last but not the least …me…. I am so honored, happy and blessed to be a part of this Blogbuddy 3.0 and being a member with #TheMagicalPot. Follow me……. 🙂 forfoodiefamily.

I am a Blogbuddy 3.0  with Blogchatter. Looking forward for much more fun, reads, friends and above all more knowledge …..

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