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Ashfield in the Inner West of Sydney is home to about 24,000 people. When compared to the entire state, this city has the least number of property crimes, but the number of thefts in the area is still high.

There were 3,124 property thefts last year alone. This is primarily because of the fewer security measures in the properties there. For the safety of both residents and their belongings, it is crucial to have a trusted security system installed. Residents, hence, must contact a well-trusted and the best Ashfield locksmith to assist them in preventing unwanted intruders and thefts.

The services of Ashfield locksmiths, in today’s world, have become necessary with the increasing rate of crimes. Apart from solely picking locks for your home, they provide a range of additional services too. Residents can make use of Ashfield locksmith services for the replacement of their keys and locks, bypassing locks during emergencies, and the tightening of security measures both at the office or at home. With the proper locking system, residents can be assured of their safety.

The four types of locksmith services are:

1.   Residential Locksmith

This locksmith handles the security system of one’s home. This type of locksmith specializes in apartment buildings and privately owned homes. They take care of problems like door jams, lost keys or locks, and help in installing advanced security systems. A professionally skilled residential locksmith can provide the solutions to common issues faced in everyday life with locks and keys. They will help in replacing the lost keys or make new keys for the locks.

2.   Emergency Locksmith

Emergency locksmiths are also called mobile locksmiths and are available 24/7 to provide immediate services as soon as possible. They have emergency tools for all situations and can assist with issues such as burglaries, broken locks, jammed doors, and so on. They can handle different locks and security systems, including car locks, the protection measures in a commercial building, and residential security issues.


3.   Commercial Locksmith

These locksmiths are concerned with institutions like schools, offices, and other commercial buildings. These buildings usually have advanced locks and have a security system that gives access to only a certain number of people with an allowed identification card. Biometric devices are generally used in offices nowadays for this purpose. Commercial locksmiths can handle any problem related to this and can manipulate advanced lock systems and security gadgets. They specialize in security systems that deal with heavy traffic and locks that only allow controlled access.

4.   Auto Locksmith

It is common to lock oneself out of the car. With remote-controlled vehicles, issues like ignition can also be very challenging. Automobile locksmiths help with issues like these. They also handle automobile key and lock-related problems. An auto locksmith can help replace one’s car keys or in acquiring access to the car without breaking the window. They can duplicate or substitute car keys and can bypass, repair, or improve the remote-controlled system. If the key is stuck or broken in the ignition, the locksmith can remove the broken piece easily and make a new key for the vehicle.

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