The Connection Between Namastey London and Namastey England

The Connection Between Namastey London and Namastey England

December 21, 2018 11 By Ruchi Verma

Are you a fan of romantic comedies? Then don’t miss Namastey London and Namaste England, both directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. While the stories may differ, but the core sentiment still feels similar.

The theme and objective of both the movie are same, to showcase real and unadulterated love which is identified and accepted in its raw earthy form without any makeover. Both the storylines revolve around the heroine with both their names also being the same -Jasmeet.

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The movie Namastey England has Arjun Kapoor aka Param and Parineeti Chopra as Jasmeet in the lead. Both are educated, ambitious, young and caring about family. They meet each other, start dating and are married finally.

But then post marriage, Jasmeet feels this sense of incompleteness. Jasmeet wants to be a working woman but is prohibited by family. What follows forms the rest of the story. The director has well depicted the Indian ideology and love for the culture rooted in them.

On the other hand, Namastey London is also about dedication, love, and patience of the hero, Akshay Kumar aka Arjun. He is an Indian who gets married to an ambitious Katrina Kaif aka Jasmeet in Punjab.


Born and brought up in London, Jasmeet is fond of her life in London and the high-class lifestyle. Hence, she cheats Arjun and comes back to London to marry her boyfriend. How Arjun wins back his wife and keeps his Indian-ness alive in London forms the rest of the story.  

The biggest highlight of the movie still is Arjun’s perspective and eloquence of depicting the patriotism and modernism of his country. In the now-famous scene, Arjun schools some ignorant Britishers in a party about the achievements of India. The best part was how he took the stand of his country in his own mother tongue and in own desi way.

Heroines of both movies had the same impulse

Namastey England

Unlike other Bollywood movies, the heroines of both films are being portrayed as impulsive and ambitious. In fact, the common point of helplessness of Indian women is being depicted by Jasmeet’s mother in Namastey London and by Jasmeet herself in Namastey England.

The dreams like ambition, upbringing, arrogance, inclination for the western lavishness of both the heroines are accurately portrayed. But on the other hand, the gradual transition of loving their culture and their families back home too is beautifully depicted.

So, if you like rom-coms with a dash of social relevance and an insight into cross-country romances, you are a fan of Namastey London like me. Hence, I would highly recommend you to check out its equally good sequel Namastey England. By the end of the movie, you will surely see yourself smiling and pumped up with love.

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