The Best Productivity Apps for a Balanced Lifestyle

The Best Productivity Apps

It is the era of smartphones. With every part of our lives becoming digitalized, coping with multiple tasks at once seems daunting. Your mind is surrounded by distractions and all you see is that your productivity is declining. You can stop your productivity slipping away from your hands if you properly start to leverage the power of the mobile applications we have currently.

Every individual seeks a balanced lifestyle but not many try to do something about it. If your productivity at work or home is being compromised then we have some of the best apps in-store to enhance your productivity.

1. SwiftKey

Typing has not become obsolete just yet but apps like SwiftKey have proven to make it easier to type on your smartphone. Whenever you are in a hurry or maybe you are just feeling lazy to type long sentences, the app can be used by dragging your finger along the keyboard to form words. While it does not exclusively fall into the category of productivity apps, the app lets you quicken the time required to type. It is also integrated with AI support. Its in-built autocorrect feature smartly fixes the typos or errors you make.

2. AnyList

Writing long lists for grocery shopping and forgetting to add something can be taxing. So make grocery shopping easy with AnyList. What makes the app a worthy mention is that it does not only let you maintain a detailed list of items but you can even share multiple lists with others. Now the next time you forget to add a product, the shared users can either remind you or update the list themselves. The app has a dedicated section of product categories where you can organize grocery items according to their relevant groups such as dairy, beverages or poultry.

3. Toggl

Do you feel like you need a time tracker for work? Well, Toggl is a free time tracking app perfect for workplaces where teams have to jot down long hours of planning, meetings and brainstorming sessions. You only have to add a task to the app and start recording the time consumed for its completion. Once done, simply press the stop button and view the task completion time. Doing so allows employees to organize their tasks, track the events they add and leverage unlimited task entries without any restrictions since the app does not offer in-app purchases.

4. 1Password

By using a password manager, you never have to worry about your privacy. In simpler words, 1Password is a password manager solely meant to keep everything you access on your smartphone secure and private. To use the app, you first have to store the passwords to the apps or websites you use on your device often. Now the hassle to spend time remembering what your password is eliminated. 1Passwords will insert the password into the site and you are good to go.


Are you a multi-tasker? Do you wish you could manage multiple online tasks at once? IFTTT is a free app that lets you automate your tasks through your smartphone. Suppose, you have to upload a post on both Instagram and Facebook at once. Why spend time accessing the two social media sites when IFTTT can do it for you. The app is divided into multiple applets and each applet then automates the tasks ranging from data backup to sending out multiple messages simultaneously. Since task automation would require your availability online, consider opting for cox bundle deals to seamlessly carry out your online tasks without any interruptions.

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6. Slack

Categorized as a business communication app, Slack lets you do a lot more than solely communicating with your team. If you are familiar with using Asana or Trello, Slack is a lot similar to these two, just more thorough with its task management and team communication features. Once a team project is created on Slack, members can message each other, share files and preview documents or images with zero location boundaries. There is even a dedicated searching option that lets you search deeper into the messages. If you are using tools such as Zendesk at your workplace then additional tools can be integrated into the app as well.

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  2. Now those are some great apps one must have basis their need and lifestyle. I liked that grocery app, as I usually miss out something or the other . Thanks for sharing

  3. These apps reduce the amount of time it takes to complete tasks and help us expedite the processes thus giving us enough press time. Loved this post.

  4. I use Swift Key a lot and it is like my favorite thing. I will quickly check the other apps too, thanks for the post.

  5. I have used a few of these and I can vouch that they are good. One has to break out of the conventional app usage habit in order to get used to these.

    Utpal Khot

  6. Now this is the magic of technology. With each passing day we are getting newer apps that help us increase our productivity by making our lives simpler.

  7. These are some good apps to maintain life easily. My mobilephone has an inbuilt app and features that does all this job for me.

  8. What a lovely post. Very much needed for busy moms like me. I m checking these … especially IFTTT.

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