The Beauty Secrets of a Victorian Woman

The Beauty Secrets of a Victorian Woman

July 4, 2018 23 By Ruchi Verma

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Victorian women were certainly very stylish. Much of their identities were defined by the clothes they wore, how they styled their hair, and how they presented themselves in public. Because of this, they had a plethora of beauty secrets that kept them looking their best at all times.
While we live in a more advanced society where we have tons of tools to make ourselves look beautiful, there is something to be garnered by taking a page from the women that have come before us. Although in some ways simplistic, the beauty secrets of Victorian women are also ingenious. There are certainly ways for modern women to utilize style and beauty tips from women who lived during the Victorian Era.

Minimal Makeup

Makeup wasn’t favored in Victorian societies. In fact, wearing rouge or “face paints” was associated with prostitutes, actresses, or lower class women. Respectable women avoided this at all costs, and instead opted for a simple routine that let their natural beauty shine. A soft dusting of transparent powder was used to brighten the complexion and was only sometimes accompanied by the lightest touch of blush on the cheeks.

The Modern Take…

While our modern view of makeup has certainly changed, there is something to be said about a fresh-faced look. Embrace this Victorian trend by trying out a truly minimalistic makeup routine. Try using only a subtle tinted moisturizer, transparent powder, and mascara to enhance – not hide – your natural beauty.

Pale Was Perfect

Queen Victoria was the standard of beauty during this time period, and her porcelain, pale complexion was highly coveted. This caused women to want to maintain a fresh, pale appearance that reflected the look of royalty. Staying out of the sun was incredibly important to the beauty routine of women during this time period, making parasols and brimmed hats a must-have accessory in order to maintain a flawless complexion.

The Modern Take…

While tan skin is often considered “in style” in the modern era, there are countless dangers associated with harmful UV rays, especially the artificial ones created by tanning beds. Take a page out of the Victorian beauty play-book and stay out of the sun. Consistent use of a facial sunscreen with a high SPF is imperative. This will maintain your skin’s appearance, decrease visible signs of aging, and help you maintain a youthful glow that Victorian women would have envied.

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