Thackeray- Tiger of Maharashtra


“Nothing can stop you if you have decided you will serve for your people till your life.” I believe Bal Thackeray lived his life on this philosophy and given best of all what he can give to Maharastra. 

Lt Sh. Bal Thackeray was known as a tiger of Maharastra who was a legend in Indian politics. 

About Bal Thackeray: 

Born in Pune on 23rd Jan 1926, to Ramabai and Keshav Sitaram Thackeray.

Being eldest sibling among 9 brother and sisters, he was inclined towards writing and being a social activist. 

He was actively involved in 1950s Samyukta Maharashtra Movement and argued for the creation of a unified state called Maharashtra for Marathi-speaking areas with Mumbai as its capital. 

Worked as a cartoonist and publishing his cartoons in Times of India Sunday edition, he launched cartoon weekly Marmik with his brother Srikant.

After it’s success he 19 June 1966 he formed SHIV SENA, which named after great Maratha king Shivaji as Shivaji’s Army. 

On 17 November 2012, due to cardiac arrest, he left his loved ones behind and I still remember that day when whole Maharastra was closed to pay tribute to its great leader. Maharastra was under red alert after losing this leader who lived like a tiger entire life.

Thackeray – Movie

Written and produced by Shiv Sena politician Sanjay Raut and directed by Abhijit Panse Thackeray biopic Bollywood movie is going to be on the silver screen on Bal Thackeray’s birthday i.e. 23rd January 2019. 


Nawazuddin Siddiqui well known for his versatility and amazing work is going to play the titular role of Bal Thackeray. Looking forward to watching this on the big screen and wish that it do justice towards the life of Mr. Thackeray. 

Watch official trailer 

All the best to the makers of this flick hope it will mark it’s impression on everyone as Mr. Thackeray life marked his unbeatable image.

Check out biopic coming on Anand Kumar – Super30

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  1. […] This post is part of #FlickFling series that I am taking with my friend Ruchie, for My Friend Alexa. Hee latest addition in the series is an upcoming biopic on The Tiger of Maharastra – Thackeray.  […]

  2. Wow! Can’t wait for the film! Thank you for writing this one. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  3. Wow excited to know the story of Mr Thackeray in this upcoming movie .
    Good luck to all the team member of it

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    #BoomzReads #MyFriendAlexa

  5. Can’t wait for the movie. I’m sure Nawazuddin Siddhique is going to do a great job as always!

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  9. I am looking forward to this brilliant movie. I have always admired Mr.Bal Thackeray’s guts. Nawazzudin playing the pivotal role would be a treat to watch on screen

  10. I’m looking forward to this movie too. He was a revered politician and it would be interesting to watch the drama unfold on screen.

  11. Yes, Balasaheb was the real tiger of Maharashtra. He never compromised on his agenda of Hindutva. A human more than a politician. And blunt enough.

    Eagerly Waiting for the movie.

  12. With Nawazuddin in the main role, this movie has got to be a great one! Bal Thackrey was truely an amazing politician!

  13. Wow cannt wait to see the movie. Heard about him a lot, now through movie able to see some unfold stories of his life

  14. I’m not a fan if this person’s politics but I would definitely be interested to watch this movie.

  15. aaaahhhh, I’m so excited for this movie and specially to see Nawazzudin Siddiqui potray the roly of thackeray. I wish it releases sooner. Can’t wait man for this! Lovely write-up btw!

  16. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is unrecognizable, and looks totally like Bal Thackeray. I’m sure the movie will keep the audience glued to the screen.

  17. Bal thakrey personality and his work is really nice. i would love to watch his biopic.

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  26. I belong to a family with political background. Baba revered Balasaheb, was his bodyguard in severe situations and we still follow some of his lessons. While I can bank on Nawaz and Panse bcz both are good at what they do. But my worry is Raut’s interference in the whole project. Balkadu by Raut was a big disappointment.

  27. Bal Thakarey and his family have been so influential. I have always wanted to know more about his life. This movie sounds really interesting and I would love to watch it.

  28. The trailer looks promising. No doubt Nawazuddin is nailing down with his versatile acting skills. Looking forward to this movie

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  31. I love the ideas of making a biopic movie. Such an interesting way to highlight some inspirational moments from the life of a great leader. Frankly I came to know about Thackrey when I shifted to Mumbai 12 years back but the movie was insightful

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