Term Loan scheme for Chartered Accountants

Term Loan Scheme

The time when Covid19 has affected every sector across the country, Poonawalla Finance Private Limited which is a systematically important non-deposit taking NBFC and is part of Cyrus Poonawalla Group has signed an agreement to offer a collateral-free special term loan scheme for Chartered Accountants (CAs).

It’s great for all Chartered Accountants to meet their professional growth, as this is easy access to loans. This loan scheme will definitively help not only to their financial requirements towards their professional practice but also to meet personal exigencies.

In April 2019 Poonawalla Finance with its headquarter in Pune started and has crossed INR 1,500 Crores in AUM and is one of the most well-capitalized NBFCs in the country.  They offer Personal loans, business loans, and professional loans to speed up the growth of an individual/ professional.

Adar Poonawalla, Chairman of Poonawalla Finance. mentioned, “We believe that offering credit support to MSMEs and professionals like CAs and doctors for business development will further strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystem and boost economic growth“.

Term Loan Scheme for Chartered Accountants
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About Term Loan scheme

The unique term loan, a tailor-made scheme for the Chartered Accountant professionals,

1. Offers an attractive interest rate,

2. Zero prepayment charges,

3. 100% online digital processing, and

4. Gives the option to take over their existing loans with higher interest rates.

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In this new scheme Mr. Abhay Bhutada, MD and CEO, Poonawalla Finance said, “This special loan scheme is a part of our mission to offer credit support to enterprises and individuals so they can meet their credit requirements. In the prevailing market scenario when access to credit has emerged as a challenge, our affordable and digitally-enabled loan scheme will help chartered accountant professionals fulfill their aspirations. This will help us expand our reach nationwide and fuel enterprise-driven growth.

If you want to get this scheme apply here

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40 thoughts on “Term Loan scheme for Chartered Accountants

  1. It’s good that chartered accountants have something like this available. Glad to see that there are good interest rates as that always helps.

  2. My elder niece is studying CA and is in final year. This post is really insightful, I can share it with her for her inputs on it!

  3. this pandemic has affected our economy so badly. it is really great that poonawala has come with this term scheme loan plan for CAS. I am sure it will help them a lot to achieve their goals and move ahead in progressive direction.

  4. This seems like a great scheme for CAs by Poonawalla finance. I will share this informative article with my friends, I am sure they will find it helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thats a really crisp and informative post on term loans for CAs. Great concept and initiative to help the community

  6. This is definitely a great initiative from Poonawalla Finance and can definitely help CA’s to do business more freely and will be of great help.

  7. This is a great informative post. Its good that Chartered Accountants have a special provision in loan systems as well. I am going to share this post further. Will also leverage it for our own use.

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  10. Covid has slow down our financial state. That’s good initiative by Poonawalla Finance to start term loan scheme for supporting Chartered Accountants

  11. This is a great scheme for CAs. I didn’t aware of the facts, thanks for these insights.
    Pooawala comes with great term loan scheme.

  12. That’s a informative post. That’s a good news for all the aspiring chartered accountants to get loan for their studies

  13. Very informative article for those who dont know about it. Its good to see that company has comeup with such loan and with good rate of interest.

  14. Super insightful and yes, absolutely topical. Thank you for sharing. I try and do a lot of things in-house and usually seek external support with issues related to loan schemes. He usually does recommend from time-to-time.

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