Safe Kids world — KidZania

Some time back I have shared my expe­ri­ence and my kid’s hap­pi­ness while being in Kidza­nia. For full review what all your child can explore there check my post HERE. I recent­ly vis­it­ed again with my friend and fam­i­ly and one thing which I expe­ri­enced real­ly want to share with my read­ers. My daugh­ter who is…

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Kidzania- Kids own city!!

K idza­nia, when I heard abut it some 2 years back was real­ly curi­ous and excit­ed to take my daugh­ter there and let her enjoy the amaz­ing world of kids. Yes, you read it the right amaz­ing world of kids. Due to my lit­tle son’s pre­ma­ture deliv­ery, we total­ly for­got that we made a promise to…

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