Painful tears

It was a dark night out­side and road­ways bus was mov­ing slow­ly towards Vaidehi’s vil­lage. After 5 long years she decid­ed to vis­it her par­ents after her father accept­ed her 4 year old Mishti … Vaide­hi was laugh­ing and talk­ing to her lit­tle life­line try­ing to cov­er her fear of dark­ness in that bus which was…

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A fear , I fear no more

Every­one has a fear, fear of water, fear of loos­ing some­one, fear of fire and what not but my fear was about fear of get­ting trav­el­ling alone. If  a girl trav­el­ling an overnight jour­ney by train I was always been scared being get­ting molest­ed or my lug­gage would be stolen is fore­most thought comes in my…

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Day 2 of #BlogOEmotion

Thanks to all of you mak­ing day 1 so joy­ful!! So hap­py to read all your posts… So today’s emo­tion is Fear !! Fear : a strong emo­tion caused by great wor­ry about some­thing dan­ger­ous, painful, or unknown that is hap­pen­ing or might hap­pen Once you’ve writ­ten your post, com­ment below your link for Day 2.  Please com­ment only…

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