Micronutrient Deficiency

Micronutrient Deficiency- how to save kids from Micronutrient Deficiency

If a child looks healthy on the outside that does not mean he is also healthy from inside. Micronutrient deficiency is common among kids nowadays. You must have observed, some kids don’t grow strong and they look weak even after their parents trying best to feed them with a healthy diet. This can be due…

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Basic Adoption Process-1

The wish to adopt a child comes purely from the heart. Yet, other aspects such as the financial, legal and procedural too need to be looked at. Children placed for adoption have no one to speak for them, except the adoption laws and procedures framed to protect them. Before adopting a child in INDIA, remember…

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Unsaid FEAR !!

Everyone was happy at home with just a one telephone call “I’m going to come this Saturday for a week to stay” person on other side told to Mishti mom!! Mishti just like her name sweet 5 year old everybody’s lifeline at home little girl , who always keep a big smile on her face, cheerful,…

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