Micronutrient Deficiency

Micronutrient Deficiency- how to save kids from Micronutrient Deficiency

If a child looks healthy on the out­side that does not mean he is also healthy from inside.  Micronu­tri­ent defi­cien­cy is com­mon among kids nowa­days. You must have observed, some kids don’t grow strong and they look weak even after their par­ents try­ing best to feed them with a healthy diet.  This can be due…

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Basic Adoption Process-1

The wish to adopt a child comes pure­ly from the heart. Yet, oth­er aspects such as the finan­cial, legal and pro­ce­du­ral too need to be looked at. Chil­dren placed for adop­tion have no one to speak for them, except the adop­tion laws and pro­ce­dures framed to pro­tect them. Before adopt­ing a child in INDIA, remem­ber to…

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Unsaid FEAR !!

Every­one was hap­py at home with just a one tele­phone call “I’m going to come this Sat­ur­day for a week to stay” per­son on oth­er side told to Mishti mom!! Mishti just like her name sweet 5 year old everybody’s life­line at home lit­tle girl , who always keep a big smile on her face, cheer­ful,…

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