Still hidden away inside my Jacket- #BlogALeague

Still hidden away inside my Jacket- #BlogALeague

January 20, 2020 12 By Ruchi Verma

Winter and my childhood..I have many memories attached to this season…Yummy winter food, shopping for winter clothes, the best time of my life. The best and most comfortable winter wear for me is always a JACKET.

Recently when I went to my mom’s place she showed me our old jackets and winter wear and I immediately took my old jacket and told mom I am taking this back … As winter hit this year in Mumbai too I just wore that and as soon as I put my hand inside my pocket I realized there is a piece of paper in the pocket.

This paper might be of the year 1996-97 I am sure. Singing, music, dance is something I just love to do and those days we don’t have CD’s or internet connection to listen to music..not even mobile phones. 90’s child, every child can relate to this as we lived with this…

inside my Jacket

We also used to have Sony’s tape recorder and music used to be played via cassette. We sisters have a different set of choices so we used to get our choices dubbed in blank cassettes. Most of us have done that, if not wrong I think every 90’s kid has done that.

Inside my jacket, I found a piece of paper where I have written a list of songs with SIDE A and SIDE It still brings a smiling curve on my face as this list still left with me inside my jacket but I lost that cassette somewhere.

I used to get my cassette dubbed from a shop that used to charge me the cost of the new cassette and 2Rs per song. Below my quarter no of the list so that it doesn’t get mixed up with another list of the cassette.

I still have a habit of keeping a small piece of paper, bills, and whatnot in my pocket…to be honest after getting this don’t want to check other pockets as I wish to get those after years again to relive or cherish those moments.

Why don’t you go back and check what’s there inside your jacket and share your story with me.

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inside my Jacket

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