Eat healthily, drink healthy and exercise daily is what my mom always says and I am so bad in doing exercise daily but yes what I love is some sports which not only keep our body fit but mind fresh. Well, when we talk about sports there are few sporty looks which we should always keep in mind and go ahead to look more stylish.

Sportswear is not only for physical exercise but it adds comfort and safety too. There are many brands which offer great sportswear.

Let’s have a quick look at some sportswear:

Gym wear:

You can go with some cool crop tank and joggers or muscle tee and tights just give a ditch to T-shirts and sweatpants.

Just don’t exercise go in style and be stylish. 

Sporty spot and trend

Try out some tennis look too.

Sporty spot and trend

Never miss styling sometimes in the casual sports look.

Sporty spot and trend

Don’t forget to add some pinch of style in sports look too and spread sparkle.

Sporty spot and trend

Sporty spot and trend

There are so many varieties of swimwear and beachwear too just hop in the fashion even enjoying your fav swimming also.

Sporty spot and trend

Which sports do you love to play and style in? Do let me know in comments below.

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