Special 500th Post

WOW!! I still can’t believe that I am writing my 500th post today!! Still remember when I started my journey in 2014 to share my little knowledge with world around me.

Never thought that this will bring me here today!! Started with free website to share my knowledge…

500th Post
Started to stay busy !!

It was daily task to think and write and share what I feel from recipes, my thoughts and to my views…

500th Post
It was really not easy as daily it’s a challenge!!

I gained so much support and love from my friends, followers and family that I thought to upgrade and get my own domain.

500th Post
I got my .com and started wiggling my thoughts here!!

As it said everything comes with a responsibility and my this little baby was my responsibility like I have to teach my kids how to grow, my blog also my baby who needed my love, my upbringing and my right values and thoughts…

500th Post
Putting my all hardwork, commitment and time to bring it value in world

Like it’s said…everyday is not sunday, Yes I have faced up and down…Low and high phases in life with my baby blog!! But ….

500th Post
Time to face some tough reality but stay focus!!

This blog opened my boundaries and made me connected to other side of the world through events and bloggers meets.

Made me to meet different kind of people to learn more about mankind!!

While I made many friend through this journey…through blog trains and meetups and even blog hops made we realize that yes…together we are more strong!!

500th Post
Even learned that yes..working together always bring more beautiful results

But apart from this there were so many times I just stuck working late as timelines, commitments and deliverable!!

500th Post
Every delivery is a challenge…

Yes, you have to always be ready with some other or out of box thought to stay up for new upcoming challenge…

500th Post
Your Concept and your thoughts must be unique so that others do follow that!!

Writing good, unique and nice post is really important as we always hear “CONTENT IS KING” so please open up eyes and see…”MARKETING YOUR CONTENT IS QUEEN

Be active and share your content right way on all social media so that nothing get missed out from your followers and friends!!

500th Post
Be audible to your followers

It might look sometimes tough but trust me hardwork never goes in vain!!!

500th Post
Push hard your capabilities!!

I feel extremly lucky that God always showered blessing and my family supported me but what really matters is how you balance…..

500th Post
It’s your choice and you have to balance

Some amazing recognition and awards always boosted me to give back more to society and I feel extremely lucky that they thought to give me all this….

500th Post
Little Appreciation always Motivating

All this would not be possible if I would not have support of this man in my life, my husband – Mayank, who never stopped me dreaming and chasing my dreams!!

500th Post
You make me what I am today – Mayank !!!

Thanks everyone for supporting and loving wigglingpen!!!

Do you feel the same with your role in life and work…share in comments below!!

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Yay, super congratulations in completing your 500th post, I am so very proud of you.

  2. Lakh lakh badhayeeyan ???????

  3. Congrats.
    The illustrations are good.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir!! Coming from you means a lot !!

  4. Big congratulations, wishing you more successful miles to go ????
    Love to be a part of this family

  5. Congratulations on your 500th Post. Go go Ruchi with your wriggling pen you will reach greater heights.

  6. Noor Anand Chawla

    Congratulations on completing 500 posts Ruchi! That’s so awesome! Just love your passion and dedication to your craft 🙂

  7. Congratulations dear……

  8. wow, that’s quite an achievement. 500th post actually means a lot. keep working and congrats

  9. Many Many Congratulations to you dear!!! I can relate your each and every word because I am also a mom of two kids. I totally understand how much efforts and hard work you put to make this happen. This is motivating for me. I love all the graphics parts. Very Inspiring post for me. Lots of Wishes for your upcoming roles.

  10. Congratulations on the 500th post Ruchieji ! You’ve been consistent all the while and that has paid off in style. Keep it up !

  11. 500th post is a great achievement and you’ve made quite a mark with your presence. Congratulations and all the best for many more awards and recognitions!

  12. Hey, congratulations on your 500th post! You have awesome writing skills… keep it up !

  13. Happy 500th my dear, sending your way my heartiest congratulations !!

  14. Wow! 500th? This is AWESOME Ruchie. Congratulations and keep going. Keep writing and sharing your thoughts. Kudos!!

  15. Congratulations on your 500th post. Warm hugs and all the best for many more to come.

  16. Wow I am so impressed! 500 posts in 5 years… Loved to read about your blogging journey especially since I have recently started it. Would love to get tips from you.

  17. Congratulation on achieving a milestone…Wish you all the best for the future ones…

  18. Heartiest congratulations on your 500th post. This is a big achievement. I agree writung quality content matters

  19. Wow, 500th post! Many congratulations on your successful blog journey, may you grow and reach heights in future too. I am slowly reaching towards my 100th post 🙂

  20. Lovely! Congratulations, Ruchi. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach where you are. Kudos!

  21. Congratulations on 500th post, really amazing. WIshing you a lot of success ahead.

  22. Great achievement ! Hearty congratulations !

  23. Congratulations for huge success

  24. A big congratulations to you dear…. Great achievement… I really love your post <3 <3

  25. Congrats for your 500 the post…big salute to your hubby..you balanced your work and life…

    That’s great


  26. Congratulations on your 500th! 🙂

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