Spark your child’s creative thinking with Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 orb adhesive

Spark your child’s creative thinking with Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 orb adhesive

October 24, 2020 24 By Ruchi Verma

Fostering creativity in kids is critical! Creative Thinking can lead your child to problem-solving, innovating, and tackling life problems with a new perspective.

In a world that thrives on the idea of competition, it is important to skip the rigid protocols and you’re your child the freedom to break and mend things, create DIY art, and think outside the box to look beyond what meets the eye and create something unique! It helps them excel in all fields with an inherent desire to do and achieve something.

Art and Craft happen to be one of the most exciting ways to get your child thinking creatively. With colors, pieces of paper, glitter dust, and endless things around the house, the possibilities of creating something new can get endless. With Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 ORB adhesive the advent of creating art becomes a little more exciting. The fun and innovative packaging, compact tubes, and narrow nozzle allow the application of adhesive so easily that even kids can do it without wastage. Here are some fun ideas Art & Craft ideas that I did with my kids to let their creative juices flow!

Best Out of Waste

With so many toys around the house, wasted paper, pencil scrapings, etc we create a lot of waste around us. To channel creative thinking in my children, I made them collect these waste from around the house and asked them to create something new. Together we sat to make flowers out of pencil scrapings on small pieces of paper that were then put together like a puzzle to make a beautiful frame.

Mending the toys

No matter how many cars, dolls, or caricatures you get for your child – it will always be less. One prime reason for it is that kids tend to break these toys a lot. To teach my kids how they can mend things and reuse them, I used Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 orb adhesive to stick the wheels of Viraj’s many car toys and even mended a few caricatures that he plays with.

Asian Paint Trugrip

School projects

With online classes in progress, there is a lot of art & craft to be done at home to keep the kids active and engaged. With the help of wooden sticks, craft papers, cardboard, cotton, colors, etc we sat down together to build up crafts that depict creative art. We painted multiple sheets with textures and stick them up together for a little piece of art for Viraj’s room. We created a scene out of nature with the help of wooden sticks, and animal caricatures to depict nature in its best form. School projects can get easy when you have a compact and strong craft glue to hold the project together

Vase Painting

I am a fan of colours and painting. And to be able to inculcate the beauty of colours in my kid’s life I routinely make them paint surfaces, colour books, and even vases to get them thinking creatively. This time we experimented with glitters and colours on a terracotta vase by first applying base colours. Using the TruGrip CR-8 we created designs and sprayed glitter on it to make the glitter form borders of our motifs. The remaining zones were filled with colours to give our vase a beautiful look.

With the right tools in hand, making your child get creative with art & craft projects can be easier and hassle-free. Asian Paints TruGrip CR-8 orb adhesive truly checks all the boxes for being the best adhesive glue for kids as it is zero-wastage, compact, and very child-friendly.

For this festive season they are ready with beautiful toran made with Asian paints TruGrip CR-8

Asian Paints TruGrip

After having done so many creative projects, the mother in me takes a good respite!

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