Some Must-Watch Best Performances Of Nawaz Siddique -The Villain Of The Era


The humorous uncanny stiffness of his jawline while playing a natural antagonist role is something which is unmatchable. The special mention is his realistic acting which has created the fame and niche for him not only in Bollywood but also in other film industries. In one word, he gets into the skin of the role or character which he plays. In spite of silent ferocious numbness of his acting, he takes you through a statement of modern revamp in the concept of Villian. If you are a Nawaz fan then here you go with some of his best performances that you cannot afford to miss out.

Genius – the  action thriller facet

Here is an evilish villain. The film Genius cast him as a smart antagonist who once again fetches our attention and love. Being tuned to the character, he magically affirms his efficacy. It is a must-watch movie that has shown us a unique facet of Nawaz’s talent. Antagonist being a major character in this action thriller, Genius movie showcases the acting skills of this brilliant actor.


The mysterious Police Officer in Kahaani is played by no one else than him. Is he the hero or Villian? His acting, dialogues delivery, body language and all other aspects envelopes the entire plot and storyline, making it a super hit among the audience. Overreaching may barriers like the background, looks, and influence, he has earned his success with genuine hard work. This is a must-watch movie for all the thriller lovers, and the movie will be cherished by the audience forever.

Raees   – IPS Jaideep Ambalal Majmudar

Here he plays the role of an honest Police Officer. Though he is not a villain in this particular movie, his performance in the movie is nothing short of spectacular. Though the movie had a lot of great actors in it, it was Nawaz Bhai who stole the show this time around. The audience who have watched the movie wanted to see more of this amazing actor.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

His character in this movie was not just a stubborn stout antagonist but also became a source of laughter for the audience. His role in Bajrangi Baijaan was highly acclaimed. It earned him special brownie coins. Seeing him trying to find out Munni’s Ammi and Abbu will keep you on the verge of the seat throughout the movie. His body language and delivering the essence of genuine characterization was a magnum opus.

Ramanna – A psychological thriller

She portrayed the role of a real-life serial killer Ramanna in Raman Raghav 2.0. Nawaz has so splendidly incorporated himself into the character, dialogue and acting that left everyone slack-jawed, even the critics. He played the role of a serial killer who killed 9 people. We can’t think of anyone who could have pulled off this character, no doubts about it.

Liak In Badlapur

Here in this movie, the antagonist got applauds than the actor himself, and that has made the movie a hit among the general audience. Here the villain is more celebrated than the hero for all the right reasons. Though Varun Dhawan had more screen time, it did not stop Nawaz Bhai from making an impact.

Lunch Box

His small presence yet appealing acting caught the entire focus of the audience. His dedication has always yielded applauds and appreciation from the audience, and this time it was no different. And it is this dedication that earned him a Filmfare in the best supporting actor category.

Overall we may conclude that he fits himself in every role, delivers with honesty and grandeur as so he is also celebrated. Check this space to get more updates on Bollywood talents.

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  1. An unrated actor with superlative performances. His best is yet to come for sure. However his acting in Bahrangi Bhaijaan truly moved me.

  2. I am in awe with this actor and his acting finesse, these movies and his performances in all films are great.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    I am a huge fan of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his craft!

  4. Negative or positive I have always adored this man for his acting prowess. He has made it on his own purely based on talent.

  5. The surprise rise of Nawaz can be attributed to his controlled and underplayed acting and great selection of roles. He’s a brilliant actor!

  6. I always like his role and acting in every movie..he is a real talented person

  7. I love Nawaz Siddique’s acting in any way. I have seen the movie Lunch Box and liked his performance there..

  8. I was blown away the first time I saw him on Taalash. Though he had a supporting role and it left a deep impact on the viewers. Glad how he has grown and left an impact on everyone.

  9. The graph has always gone up for this actor. The struggle is also a story in itself. He is a story in himself. A treat to watch.

  10. I am a huge fan of Nawaz as a performer. He just becomes the character he takes up. My fav being badlapur and bajrangi bhaijan

  11. Nawaz is our favorite actor currently. Me and hubby love watching every movie and web series of him.

  12. I just love Nawaz for his interesting characters and his unique style of portraying theme, Have seen all of them and truly enjoyed

  13. Even though I haven’t even watched a single movie of this, this post shows how amazing this actor is.

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