Social Media and teens

Social media is playing an important role in today’s scenario in our teens and tweens life. Today, like parenting, even technology has taken up a new face and it is an essential part of growing kids.

You must have noticed that from taking up class notes on WhatsApp to playing online, PubG is the new normal for these kids. With this pandemic situation, even their normal school classes are also on different platforms, like Zoom, Teams, Google Classroom.

Keeping them away from social media is not possible. Now, the responsibility of parents increased. And it’s time to guide, monitor, and be alert to blow the whistle and let them aware of the dangers on this new playground we call SOCIAL MEDIA.

Personally, I recommend NO introduction to social media till the age of 15, 16 or above. Once your child is 13, let them know the basic ethics of this platform, how to communicate and behave, and the consequences of their mistakes.

Parent’s role as a guide

As a parent, it’s our responsibility to guide and protect them with social media by making them understand how to behave in the digital world. Now, because it’s overall tricky world and with every new hazard important to make them understand few pointers.

1. Teach them responsibility

As you make your kid be responsible in actual life, there is enormous responsibility attached to social media and teens are interacting. In actual life we tell them to behave as your actions become your personality and the same direction on social media it’s important to act responsibly for every word.

Whatever you are writing on your social media account is an open book for the entire world. So teach them to be responsible and choose the correct way of communication. Written words have value and power, teaching them that every interaction on social media is real.

2. Let them be authentic

Always tell them, make them understand that they have their own identity and they might get influenced over social media but remember not to leave their real self and never pretend to be fake and unreal.

Make them understand both in real and on social media life fake version of you will be only short-lived and loved.

3. Exploring

It’s very important offline or online to let your child find themselves, tell them to indulge in something creative, explore new wonders like craft, DIY, podcasting, and much more which is available.

Try to make them understand that it is important to enhance their hobbies and follow the creativity they have.

4. Safety

Every parent has biggest concern, and it is safety of their child. Before your child enters inside the virtual world make them aware of the dangers and precautions.

Make them aware of that you never know who is the face on the other side so let them know all safety measures:

a) Not to share personal details on social media.
b) Don’t share Ids and passwords.
c) Don’t share your location and home issues with strangers.
d) Don’t make strangers your friends or chat with them.
e) Any suspicious activity raises alarm to your parents.

Social media and teens

Social media impact on kids

Coming out from their closed-shell as your child explores the alternative world, it will surely go to affect differently on their mind, thoughts, and behavior. The time when you as a parent need to be more vigilant for the same. This impact could be in both ways – Positive or Negative.

Positive Impact

Positively your child will learn so many aspects and angles of life which will help them grow and think more towards their lifestyle and mental growth.

1. Educational Angle

Technology is giving now another way for teens to get and learn new topics related to education. They learn from different articles, write-ups, videos shared on different social media platforms by educational institutes, organizations, and other educational bodies.

2. Social exposure and communication skills

Best way to stay in touch with a friend and family. Everyone is now stuck in our comfort zone inside our home, it’s the only way to stay connected with friends. Apart from this kid who is introvert and not able to express themselves while speaking, share their thoughts via positive conversation.

3. Global awareness

They can expand their worldview and look ahead beyond their viewpoint. This will break the bubble of their own circle and community and look at what was happening across the globe. Making new friends from different backgrounds, knowing what’s happening outside the world, and even understanding the issues will make them better human beings.

4. Career direction

The sky is the limit, and this is what every parent tells their child. Time for them to explore their imagination, creativity, and here they will learn different career options according to their skillset and hobbies too. Teenagers have fresh ideas and by their this creative skill they can develop opportunities via social media.

5. Political views

They are our future and budding leaders. Following different political parties, they learn more about their policies and their working trend and can be a better leader for tomorrow. By this social media they learn more about their rights as a citizen and as an individual.

Negative Impact

Like every coin, social media and teens together can lead to negative impact. There are many chances that it can get the negative impact of social media on teenagers and tweens.

1. Screen role

On one hand, we force to have less screen time and with today online classes, if they also include social media in their lifestyle it will affect their physical and mental health. Physical activities are equally important for tweens and teens.

2. Privacy

Privacy and safety are a major part when comes to social media, it’s important to teach them about security but many times kids may get influenced and share private details like location, date of birth, phone numbers, and any other information which can lead to dangerous situations.

3. Cyber Bullying

This is one of the major drawbacks of social media, especially since teenagers who are getting harassed, bullied on social media or other digital platforms. These online threads, rude messages, posts can affect your child and your family.

Social Media and Teens

10 Rules as a parent to set between social media and teens

Positive and negative are part of everyone’s life, but as a parent, we need to guide and let them know the value of social media. I am sharing a few rules which one can set as family rules before your child enters this digital world of social media.

1. Build trust between you and your kids that no social media account on any platform without a parent’s permission.
2. Because of safety measures tell them to share password and Id with parents until they are 18+.
3. Tell them importantly to keep their settings of photos and all PRIVATE.
4. They should not chat with strangers, share their location, and never try to MEET ANY PERSON WHOM THEY ONLY MET ON SOCIAL MEDIA.
5. Make them understand we write once whatever on the digital platform is forever, whether you delete it, could be restored or copied anywhere. So always watch your language.
6. Not to indulge in ONLINE FIGHTS, Bullying, or encourage anyone.
7. Post no unwanted image of themselves or any other person.
8. Social media is a privilege, use it properly.
9. As a parent, you can check their accounts, chats, and messages anytime.
10. Break from social media is good and so allot your set of hours for them to spend on social media(suggest not over 2 hours).

Digital media can play a vital role in teen’s life and they can reap maximum benefits from social media with right guidance of parents.

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Author: Ruchi Verma
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44 thoughts on “Social Media and teens

  1. A very important topic to discuss and explore. Kids are independent way before their normal age criteria and understanding. Hence, these tricky areas and important to learn and maneuver.

  2. Social media has entered in our lives when we were matured but for them, I would say they are born with it. Until we explain them the reason of utilizing it, it is very easy fr them to get carried away.

  3. Very well written and relevant post. You have given some very good tips , if followed can make few things definitely in control. In such a situation we need to decide what kind of patenting style should be adopted.

  4. Social media is surely a place we all need to be responsible and making children understand same is a huge responsibility of the parents . Your pointers are very helpful especially being authentic creates a base for social media.

  5. Such an informative post with great tips. I agree social media has its own pros and cons and as a parent, it is our responsibility to teach our kids how to use SM wisely. Cyber bullying is one of the major threat nowadays and kids should know all about it before entering the digital world.

  6. Truly handling screen time and especially the presence of kids on social media has become a real challenge for parents. Your guide & tips are really useful.

  7. Social media is a vital aspect of children’s social and creative lives these days and more so since the past few months. It has its pros and cons. And as parents, we definitely need to guide them and protect them from the dangers of the virtual world. The rules for parents are spot on and must be followed by all of us!

  8. Very useful post. You mentioned both the sides and its impact on teens but we are in the situations where we haven’t any option so that we should more careful and teach the kids too not to share any personal information with anyone.

  9. As a mother of a teenage son, I resonate with your thoughts. Teenagers need to be educated about the multiple benefits of social media and also be warned of the cyber attacks and bullying they can fall prey too. I am apalled by the way teens use social media for personal vendetta. Great post, an eye-opener for all parents.

  10. While they may take meeting their online friends as a new normal, I think as parents we do need to be alert about it and this can be achieved only if we have brought them up having confidence in us.

  11. This information is the most important and essential one especially nowadays as social media is getting more over teens too..glad you shared the precautions and ideas with us..found it very helpful indeed….

  12. That’s very thoughtful post. I am also not in favour of introducing social media to kids by teenage. Like you said it has both negative and positive impact. With your tips parents can deal with it smartly

  13. Thanks for sharing these great tips indeed parents should have strict control over kids for social media activity. About Cyber bullying too kids should be made aware.

  14. I always fear this situation when my child would want to have a social media account, I really don’t know how am I going to handle that discussion. You have shared some brilliant pointers and I am sure parents of teens will find these really helpful.

  15. Even as adults we get sucked in in the world of social media. Kids are even more vulnerable. Having some ground rules, making them aware of the risks involved and most of all understanding that it isn’t as real as it seems is very important. Good post!

  16. This is an important topic on which you have given your views. Social media has become an essential part of today’s teens . It has positive and negative impacts . Your tips are very helpful in this case.

  17. Wonderful Post Ruchie. With increased usage of internet and social media, it’s imp to teach our kids about these best practices. As you said parental guidance is crucial here.

  18. teaching them to use social media and browse responsibility is every parent’s responsibility. Social media si really good to asses the public opinion but people with vested interests use it the wrong way too. Teens with their gullible minds can fall prey, but when they are explained before hand it is helpful IMO.

  19. While on the one hand the internet and social media have opened up the world for kids, it has its flip side also. It can be extremely dangerous and addictive too. What is required is a mature approach and counselling and guidance of parents.

  20. How well you have compiled all the points. Teens are big time on Social Media and as parents we have to ensure that they are using it the right way.

  21. A good article – looking at both sides of the coin! I wonder when did we let social media really take over our lives so much! these are essentials to keep in mind when letting the teens online!

  22. This is a very relevant topic of discussion. Its really impossible to absolutely block Social media presence from a pre teen or teenager’s life. So we should fix some rules for them.

  23. Through guidance and reminders, parents help their kids organize their time and support their desires to learn new things.

  24. Very useful post. Social media has both good and bad effects. We parents must know how to guide them in avoiding the ones which are harmful for them and go for those which will be beneficial for them in future.

  25. It’s an insightful blog. Loved it. How you have explained each and every point so well. The fact is- there are plenty of good things about social media β€” but also many risks and things kids and teens should avoid. They don’t always make good choices when they post something to a site, and this can lead to problems. So it’s imperative and CRITICAL to discuss with your kids (esp when they’re entering teen-age) about how to use social media wisely.

  26. With pubg being banned, now they are more agitated.. Pursuit of new hobbies is the best way to pass time and gain knowledge from it as well.. I believe.. Cyberbullying is a headache.. I don’t even get why it happens.. Why so much hate..
    Podcast making with your family can be fun.. I have been toying around this idea of making videos with my sister..

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