Slice of real life – Sourav Agarwal

He is someone I met through wonderful “Blogstar by fbb”, the person who is known for helping hands and giving his readers “Slice of real life” – Sourav Agarwal. 

I thought to share his interview for my readers to get to know him more here…

Describe yourself 

“To know thyself” is the greatest knowledge of the world. I am still in quest of myself beyond what I am today. Yes, I am aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. I prefer continuing my journey over resting on my laurels. Furthermore, I am a simple, open-minded guy who believes “Live and Let Live!”

How and when you started blogging? 

I started blogging in 2012 when I found myself officially unable to write whatever I could wish at workplace. (FYI, I am a professional writer and editor for marketing and communication.) I badly needed a personal platform, something outside of Facebook, to pen open letters, critical articles on current affairs, my observations, small things which we tend to ignore in our busy day-to-day lives, and something about myself because I believe that everyone has stories to tell.

Inspiration behind your blog?

Blogging/writing is a mental exercise for me. Writing about the things which appeal to me or strike my mind is an inexplicably healing joy. The overwhelming urge to sit at my desk with the laptop (whenever possible), write something substantial and have a mug (not cup) full of tea is what keeps me inspired for blogging. Needless to say, blogging is a popular medium to reach out to a bigger world outside of my comfort zone in a short time. Definitely, it is the inspiration.    

Other than blogging what makes you feel relaxed, your hobbies?

My other hobbies are reading, and watching sensible movies (including Bollywood offbeat films and Bengali art films directed by the stalwarts of Bengali art house cinema). I feel one with myself while indulging in these two hobbies other than writing.

In 3 words describe yourself

Disciplined. Humane. Creative. 

One great achievement?

I was schooled in Bengali medium in a suburb of Kolkata. I was very poor at writing and speaking in English until class 12. When I took up honours in English literature at college, a professor in the English department of the college advised me to take up any discipline other than English literature simply because I had almost no grip on the language. However, I did not feel discouraged. Rather, I took it positively and came a long way. Today, I am a marketing and communication editor in an international organisation. If I am not wrong, it’s my achievement. At the same time, I do believe that I have many milestones to achieve.          

One dream you are waiting to come true?

My dream is to be a published author. I have many stories to tell about my mom and myself. I had a difficult childhood, a childhood of deprivation. If I ever happen to author a novel or novella, it would be titled “When My Father Died…”   

Why people should follow your blog (what’s special and what’s the motto)

I started blogging to write primarily for myself. With time passing on, I began to connect with a broader audience from different walks of life. Apart from lifestyle topics, I write about current affairs, open letters, critical articles and startup stories. I take a different take on the things. For example, people called ‘Piku’ film (starring Deepika and Amitabh) a road movie and a sweet father-daughter relationship story. But it was neither of these two. Please take a look at my write-up about Piku film to know why people should follow my blog. There are several instances of how my blog is unique. FYI, I also write about women empowerment and injustices to women in our society. For instance,

Follow Sourav on social media as he is really spreading great knowledge.

Slice of real life




Thanks, fbb Blogstar for connecting me to the person whose heart is of gold, this post is also connected to #fbbSpreadTheJoy series #fbbSecretKid.



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