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Dream of being a suc­cess­ful direc­tor Faraz Ansari’s jour­ney of start­ed when he got noticed by promi­nent film­mak­er Amol Gupte . He wrote, co-direct­ed, script­ed and assist­ed on var­i­ous Bol­ly­wood films like Taare Zameen Par, Stan­ley ka Dab­ba and Gip­pi, but wished to make his own films.


He has already made one short film last year! With no bud­get, a team com­pris­ing of close friends, he cre­at­ed Siberia.  The film was sent to many film fes­ti­vals across the world and won many awards, includ­ing a Dadasa­heb Phalke Award for Best Direc­tor — Jury’s Choice.

His lat­est upcom­ing silent film SISAK we got oppor­tu­ni­ty to quick chit chat of this upcom­ing film for which he is look­ing for Crowd­fund­ing.

Here is what he want to tell you more about his project SISAK.


Tell something about the SISAK.

SISAK is a silent film about two men who meet each oth­er, over a peri­od of many nights, in the Mum­bai local train.

I am Faraz Arif Ansari, and I have been work­ing in the film indus­try for the last 8 years as a Writer, Asso­ciate Direc­tor, Cast­ing Direc­tor and Exec­u­tive Pro­duc­er on films like Fox Star’s ‘Stan­ley Ka Dab­ba’, Deepa Bhatia’s Award Win­ning Doc­u­men­tary ‘Nero’s Guests’, Karan Johar’s ‘Gip­pi!’, Zee Tele­films’ ‘Sil­vat’ (for Zeal For Uni­ty). Apart from fea­ture films, I have also made a short film ‘Siberia’ that has trav­elled to more than 30 inter­na­tion­al film fes­ti­vals and won the Best Actress & Best Direc­tor Awards. Sisak is my sec­ond inde­pen­dent short film.

What is Sisak all about?

Two men meet in the Mum­bai Local train over a peri­od of many nights. Not a word is spo­ken, nor is there pos­si­bil­i­ty for any sort of phys­i­cal inti­ma­cy but what con­spires between them is a word­less romance, so strong that it brings them closer to each oth­er, night after night and per­haps, deliv­ers them with tran­si­to­ry moments of fleet­ing hap­pi­ness and solace from the unkind real­i­ties of the pass­ing world out­side.

What inspi­ra­tion is behind this movie?

I’ve always been inspired by Haruki Murakami. A quote that stuck with me for many years after I had read his infa­mous ‘Sput­nik Sweet­heart’ also became the inspi­ra­tion for Sisak. The quote being, “Lone­ly met­al souls in the unim­ped­ed dark­ness of space, they meet, pass each oth­er, and part, nev­er to meet again. No words pass­ing between them. No promis­es to keep.” This instant­ly remind­ed me of the momen­tary unspo­ken romances that have hap­pened to all of us through our lives – some­times, with the pas­sen­ger sit­ting next to us on the long flight, or the glimpse of some­one that caught our atten­tion as we crossed the road, or a short-lived con­ver­sa­tion that will be trea­sured forever. Some love sto­ries are brief but that doesn’t make them any less grand. Sisak is a trib­ute to the­se pass­ing, lost and unsaid love sto­ries that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

What makes Sisak unique?

Sisak is India’s First Silent LGBTQ love sto­ry pre­sent­ed in the for­mat of a short fea­ture. It has been shot entire­ly inside the Mum­bai Local Trains with two actors, a wafer-thin crew, a bor­rowed cam­era and no per­mis­sions. Gen­er­al­ly, most LGBTQ films are about indi­vid­u­als com­ing out of the clos­et, or com­ing to terms with their sex­u­al­i­ties or the var­i­ous oth­er social, polit­i­cal & oth­er issues that are preva­lent in the lives of a homo­sex­u­al per­son, but Sisak isn’t about any of that. Sisak takes you inside a word­less world of romance, where a pub­lic trans­port becomes the most pri­vate place for the­se two men to silent­ly observe and fall in love with each oth­er.

Why does Sisak need to be seen by the world today?

In India, homo­sex­u­al­i­ty is still ille­gal. Sec­tion 377 of the Con­sti­tu­tion of India crim­i­nal­izes sex­u­al act between two con­sent­ing adults of the same sex. Sad­ly, what it also crim­i­nal­izes is the right of an indi­vid­u­al to love anoth­er indi­vid­u­al of his/her choice/preference if they belong to the same sex. There is a rea­son why Sisak is a silent film. There is a rea­son why Sisak is a sto­ry of two men falling in love, silent­ly. There is a rea­son why their love sto­ry unfolds on a pub­lic trans­port which is used by mil­lions of peo­ple, every­day. What else will they do when the soci­ety mocks it, the laws make you a crim­i­nal for lov­ing a per­son? Where will you hide but right in the mid­st of the crowd, to con­ceal your­self and find a moment of respite and per­haps, fall in love? This is why Sisak should be seen by every­one – to demys­ti­fy this whole “homo­sex­u­al” angle because it is noth­ing dif­fer­ent than a per­son lov­ing anoth­er per­son. Sisak takes us inside to the most inti­mate emo­tions that two indi­vid­u­als feel for each oth­er. That emo­tion is love. Just that, both of the­se two indi­vid­u­als hap­pen to be men.

Why crowdfunding ?

After strug­gling for two long years to make my first ‘main­stream’ fea­ture film that has a homo­sex­u­al pro­tag­o­nist, I real­ized that nobody wants to make a ‘com­mer­cial’ film with such a sto­ry or char­ac­ters. Almost, every lead­ing actor from the coun­try refused to act in it. Almost every pro­duc­tion house in the coun­try loved the script and the project but backed out from pro­duc­ing it. And some­where between all the tri­als, tribu­la­tions, refusals and long, aim­less jour­neys in the Mum­bai local, Sisak was born. With the help of my friends and col­leagues from the film indus­try who believed in my vision and my script, I man­aged to shoot Sisak pure­ly on my good­will. Now, I am turn­ing to crowd­fund­ing for the final stage of the film – the post-pro­duc­tion, and par­tic­i­pat­ing in nation­al and inter­na­tion­al main­stream film fes­ti­vals.

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The biggest risk of mak­ing Sisak is that it is an LGBTQ film try­ing to break norms that exist in the LGBTQ film cir­cuit and oth­er­wise. Also, it is exper­i­men­tal in its form, because it is a silent short fea­ture film.

What happens if we don’t raise enough funds for the film?

If enough mon­ey is not raised, Sisak might remain as a won­der­ful dream that was dreamed and real­ized only halfway through. How­ev­er, I am hope­ful that the entire LGBTQ com­mu­ni­ty and every oth­er indi­vid­u­al who believes in equal rights for all will come for­ward and sup­port this film. Also, given the USP of the film, I am sure that there are many indi­vid­u­als out there who want to see a sto­ry that is all heart and soul.

How you going to prove that you won’t just take all the money and run away?

Hav­ing worked in the film indus­try for the last eight years now and hav­ing done big films, I am sure that peo­ple will have enough faith in me and my film to know that the mon­ey will go in the com­ple­tion of the film. Also, I have a won­der­ful cast & crew – A famous super­mod­el, a bud­ding actor who is study­ing film­mak­ing, a well-known Direc­tor of Pho­tog­ra­phy, a Nation­al Award Win­ning Sound Design­er, and a bunch of peo­ple, includ­ing myself who have been tire­less­ly work­ing behind the sce­nes for some of your most favorite films in the last decade! If this doesn’t con­vince peo­ple that this is a legit project, I don’t know what will!

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