Short Video Maker – Hipi App, Unique Features and How it’s Useful for Android Users?

Whether you love dancing, singing, writing & reciting poetry, acting, or even working out is something you are passionate about. It’s time to show your craft to the world and take your brilliance to the next level with an amazing short video maker app.

Yes! You got it right. Zee5 has launched an astounding app for making videos with thousands of music tracks, incredible visual effects, and charming filters.

I know! You’re probably wondering? What’s different about HiPi short video maker? And why should you choose it over similar apps that already have thousands of exciting users? 

Okay! Let me walk you through the invincible features of HiPi video maker that will fascinate you to show your incredible passion to the world.

What are the Unique Features of the HiPi App?

Be prepared to dive into the realm of fun & creativity with the unique features with a short video maker from Zee5 that contains:

Infinite Old & Trending Tracks: Whether your heart is still set on the old tracks or you got infatuated with enthralling trending tracks HiPi has it all for you.

Feed Based on Your Desired Language: No matter which part of India or any country you are from. And what language evokes your emotions. Your feed videos will be in the language you love.

Captivating Visuals & Filters: Regardless of making fascinating videos you can also add different filters and stickers and emoticons to deliver your message & show your emotions more precisely. 

Facilitates Social Sharing: Not only on the HiPi app but also you can share your astounding videos on all social sharing platforms. And brings a smile to the faces of all your family members, friends, and the people you love.

Categories for Your Various Interest: The easy-to-use short video maker allows you to watch and create videos based on your interest. So, don’t need to scroll down endless feeds just to watch or create the videos your heart is bouncing for. Select your favorite category and get in full swing.

Become Certified Creator & Win Cash Prices: HiPI video-making app has a certain protocol and after passing through this, you can become a certified creator that allows you to spread your influence to the next level and earn cash prices and money through ads.

You see, how amazing Hipi app is for making incredible videos. Let’s look at how it can be helpful for Android users.

Short Video

How Hipi App is Useful for Android Users?

Zee5 always wanted to launch an app that can become super popular & useful for Indian influencers & creators. 

Here they are! A short video-making app with songs & irresistible filters and visuals that are made after researching content likeability & challenges of Indian handset.

Yes! Most individuals can not afford good-quality smartphones with high ram & screen. That’s why Hipi app is built with incredible artificial intelligence that allows all handset users to provide fast video loading, downloading, and consume less space in their smartphone.

So, what’s stopping you to stand in the limelight and let your talent shine? Head forward to Install Hipi short video maker from play store and do what makes you feel on cloud nine.

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  1. wow….short videos are trending these days. And to edit a crisp video needs proper editing tools. I haven’t tried making short videos yet. I will check out Hippi.

  2. Sorry for the typo. Meant to say I will check out Hipi App.

  3. I had heard about Hipi app before but did not know much insight. thanks dear for sharing its unique features. I love the fact that we can be a certified creator and can win prizes too. will surly check out this app to know more.

  4. I love watching short videos since they’re crisp and good on content too. Would love to make a few on Hipi and find out how much fun they are behind the scenes too!

  5. Short videos are the latest trend. With TikTok closing down I am glad HiPi has been introduced. It sounds like a very easy to use and exciting Social Media platform.

  6. That’s look like a great platform for complete video creation ecosystem to its creators. Definitely checkout this soon.

  7. I had not heard of the app before but it does sound promising. Short videos are the latest trend and an app like Hipi can make the job easy for the content creators. Will definitely check it out today.

  8. Wow this is super new to me , Hippi seems to be a fab app, love the feed based on language feature . Checking now

  9. I am hearing about HiPi from last year. And it’s getting trendy with time. Will going to check it out

  10. HiPi seems to be a pretty useful app for making short videos on the fly. I can see it has some really convenient and useful features.

  11. Wow, this reminds me of the Tiktok platform that was for short videos. So happy to see we have our very own made in India app that helps make short videos and access similar content of our choice. thanks a lot for giving detailed insight on using it on android phones.

  12. That’s very good news for the digital content creator that platform like Zee5’s HiPi has finally come to showcase their talent and earn fame and reward

  13. Social media is all about sharing short videos and sharing it and hippi app looks like a perfect app to create nice vidoes and share them. Will try it out myself too.

  14. This is indeed a versatile app for youngsters to get the entertainment and connected with the community. I have downloaded it, and it’s absolutely fun.

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