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When I first heard about Salt Escape I was curi­ous to know more about it. Only thing I make out was some­thing to do with life-sav­ing but how this “Salt Escape” is going to help in life was still a ques­tion for me. 

Salt Escape

Being a child of most amaz­ing par­ents who has given me the val­ue of nature and taught that nature is the best med­i­cine, where my mom still believes that tul­si leaves can do mag­ic in any health-relat­ed prob­lem. 

I remem­ber when my maid used to come at home m mom always used to give her hand­ful of salt to add in mop­ping water and when I asked her she replied: ” Salt is the best way to remove neg­a­tiv­i­ty”. 

About Salt Escape

Salt Escape is into exis­tence only with one motive which I under­stood “HEALTHY LIVING”. 

Yes, Salt Escape is a salt ther­a­py well­ness cen­ter that is help­ing peo­ple to breathe eas­ier and improve their life. All tech­nol­o­gy and equip­ment used are from ‘The Salt Cave’ in U.K. which has been rec­og­nized by the Nation­al Health Ser­vice.

What is Salt Therapy?

Beni­fi­cial for every age this Halother­a­py is a nat­u­ral treat­ment that uses dry micronized salt to treat and relieve symp­toms of var­i­ous res­pi­ra­to­ry and skin con­di­tions. 

There are dif­fer­ent ses­sions for every sin­gle prob­lem be it res­pi­ra­to­ry, Asth­ma or any skin prob­lem. 

Explain­ing in very lay­man terms : 

Rock salts used to crushed and passed in ded­i­cat­ed room via high­ly effec­tive machine in a micro­scop­ic salt par­ti­cals which keep on cir­cu­lat­ing in room with air and improves mucous clear­ance and enables a bet­ter immune respon­se to pathogens. Even bet­ter for peo­ple who have skin prob­lem like eczema. 

Why it’s good for kids?

I was real­ly sur­prised to know that they have kids room too. Why will kids room and they be able to sit for the 1-hour ses­sion?

Yes, they will check out kids room 

Salt Escape

Salt Escape

Fun to play in tent and salt floor 

Salt Escape

Mul­ti­ple games to keep them busy for an hour 

Salt Escape

Mini Library for kids like Ira who can sit for hours read­ing

Salt Escape

How could I for­get to men­tion the great struc­ture of all the rooms? Walls and floor­ing are of each room are made up of salt.

Salt Escape

Salt Escape

We enjoyed the one-hour ses­sion in the room where 7 peo­ple can be accom­pa­nied.  

 Salt Escape

Ready for Ses­sion with spe­cial cap and shoes which is manda­to­ry to wear before you enter in room

salt Escape


Salt Escape

Room for 7 peo­ple 

Apart from this they also have a pri­vate room where they don’t have a salt floor but sim­ple wood­en floor­ing so that if any spe­cial per­son comes in for ther­a­py can eas­i­ly accom­mo­date. 

salt Escape

How to reach this place?

Kaiser-E-Hind Pvt. Ltd.
Hanu­man Build­ing. Ground Floor,
300, Per­in Nari­man Street,
Behind Reserve Bank of India,
Fort, Mum­bai 400 001, India.
T: + 91 22 2269 0034/ + 91 22 2269 0035


For price and ses­sion tim­ings check their web­site SALT ESCAPE

Check out my live video from Salt Escape 




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