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When I first heard about Salt Escape I was curious to know more about it. Only thing I make out was something to do with life-saving but how this “Salt Escape” is going to help in life was still a question for me. 

Salt Escape

Being a child of most amazing parents who has given me the value of nature and taught that nature is the best medicine, where my mom still believes that tulsi leaves can do magic in any health-related problem. 

I remember when my maid used to come at home m mom always used to give her handful of salt to add in mopping water and when I asked her she replied: ” Salt is the best way to remove negativity”. 

About Salt Escape

Salt Escape is into existence only with one motive which I understood “HEALTHY LIVING”. 

Yes, Salt Escape is a salt therapy wellness center that is helping people to breathe easier and improve their life. All technology and equipment used are from ‘The Salt Cave’ in U.K. which has been recognized by the National Health Service.

What is Salt Therapy?

Benificial for every age this Halotherapy is a natural treatment that uses dry micronized salt to treat and relieve symptoms of various respiratory and skin conditions. 

There are different sessions for every single problem be it respiratory, Asthma or any skin problem. 

Explaining in very layman terms : 

Rock salts used to crushed and passed in dedicated room via highly effective machine in a microscopic salt particals which keep on circulating in room with air and improves mucous clearance and enables a better immune response to pathogens. Even better for people who have skin problem like eczema. 

Why it’s good for kids?

I was really surprised to know that they have kids room too. Why will kids room and they be able to sit for the 1-hour session?

Yes, they will check out kids room 

Salt Escape

Salt Escape

Fun to play in tent and salt floor 

Salt Escape

Multiple games to keep them busy for an hour 

Salt Escape

Mini Library for kids like Ira who can sit for hours reading

Salt Escape

How could I forget to mention the great structure of all the rooms? Walls and flooring are of each room are made up of salt.

Salt Escape

Salt Escape

We enjoyed the one-hour session in the room where 7 people can be accompanied.  

 Salt Escape

Ready for Session with special cap and shoes which is mandatory to wear before you enter in room

salt Escape


Salt Escape

Room for 7 people 

Apart from this they also have a private room where they don’t have a salt floor but simple wooden flooring so that if any special person comes in for therapy can easily accommodate. 

salt Escape

How to reach this place?

Kaiser-E-Hind Pvt. Ltd.
Hanuman Building. Ground Floor,
300, Perin Nariman Street,
Behind Reserve Bank of India,
Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India.
T: + 91 22 2269 0034/ + 91 22 2269 0035


For price and session timings check their website SALT ESCAPE

Check out my live video from Salt Escape 





Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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