Rules for being happy Couple

July 25, 2016 9 By Ruchi Verma

Day 9ย 


Married, settled now some quick tips to become a happy & ideal couple. After 7 vows its gime for 7 golden rules to make your relationship more happy & loving:

  1. Go back in time: If you’re married for more than 5years, it’s time to turn back & do something which u have done as newlyweds!! Gift roses, throw surprises to keep warmth of your relationship.
  2. ย Be active: Be healthy to be there when hairs turn grey. Exercise together it will give both of you more closeness.
  3. Respect & admire in public: Always respect your spouse but if in public make sure you don’t put him/her down. Admire good qualities may be you don’t do alone but appreciate if he/she does something special for you.. It’s not show off it’s for building healthy relationship
  4. Fight , talk & walk : it’s perfectly fine to put up your views, your suggestions…No problem being argumentative but if it goes other way round walk away and give some me time to your spouse to understand your point.
  5. Love yourself: Don’t ignore yourself, pamper yourself & be presentable. Keep yourself upto date.
  6. Priorities your relationship: Your married life is much important than any relationship. Always keep your marriage above all relationship.
  7. Don’t forget to snuggle: Every morning one hug is important as it will improve not only your relationship but also make your day more happy.


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