Rules for being happy Couple

Day 9 


Mar­ried, set­tled now some quick tips to become a hap­py & ide­al cou­ple. After 7 vows its gime for 7 gold­en rules to make your rela­tion­ship more hap­py & lov­ing:

  1. Go back in time: If you’re mar­ried for more than 5years, it’s time to turn back & do some­thing which u have done as new­ly­weds!! Gift ros­es, throw sur­pris­es to keep warmth of your rela­tion­ship.
  2.  Be active: Be healthy to be there when hairs turn grey. Exer­cise togeth­er it will give both of you more close­ness.
  3. Respect & admire in pub­lic: Always respect your spouse but if in pub­lic make sure you don’t put him/her down. Admire good qual­i­ties may be you don’t do alone but appre­ci­ate if he/she does some­thing spe­cial for you.. It’s not show off it’s for build­ing healthy rela­tion­ship
  4. Fight , talk & walk : it’s per­fect­ly fine to put up your views, your suggestions…No prob­lem being argu­men­ta­tive but if it goes oth­er way round walk away and give some me time to your spouse to under­stand your point.
  5. Love your­self: Don’t ignore your­self, pam­per your­self & be pre­sentable. Keep your­self upto date.
  6. Pri­or­i­ties your rela­tion­ship: Your mar­ried life is much impor­tant than any rela­tion­ship. Always keep your mar­riage above all rela­tion­ship.
  7. Don’t for­get to snug­gle: Every morn­ing one hug is impor­tant as it will improve not only your rela­tion­ship but also make your day more hap­py.


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