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Every deci­sions you take depends on time sit­u­a­tion and val­ues you hold. Some­time life puts you in a sit­u­a­tion where you have to take up a bold and tough deci­sions but it same time requires your patience and val­ues to go ahead and stand for your deci­sions.

I took one such deci­sion in my life when I left my first job in renowned IT com­pa­ny because my par­ents need­ed me I took that deci­sion, to stay back with my par­ents as they need­ed me more than my job and that my val­ues given me right choice and right deci­sion to make and stand by it.

If you have tak­en up any deci­sion accept it from whole heart and respect your own deci­sion.

Con­nect us again with #Wed­Shad­ow with writ­ing on any prompt below

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Todays Prompts:

  1. The day you start­ed blog­ging. What were you think­ing?
  2. The most dif­fi­cult deci­sion you’ve ever made. Write from the heart.

Pic­ture Prompt : 


Last week Being Nad­dan won and marked impres­sion by his post and Masoom post was run­ner up in mark­ing impres­sion and won a spe­cial badge to flaunt on their post, you could won the same by just writ­ing and link­ing prompts below.

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