Republic day speech and elocution topics for kids.

Republic day speech and elocution topics for kids.

January 22, 2021 15 By Ruchi Verma

Giving Republic day speech in school or taking part in elocution always gives every student feeling of pride. Despite the ongoing pandemic and online schooling students, teachers and schools are not losing zeal to celebrate the most important day of our nation India’s Republic day (26th January).

Selection of topic for this special day is very important as it’s a matter of pride and filled with emotions for every INDIANS. Make sure you select your speech or elocution topic wisely and prepare it well to present.

10 topics for Republic day speech and elocution:

While your school is organising special function online or offline for this day, speeches are an extremely important part of this program. It’s really an honour to give speech and if they select you one, check out these topics for either for republic day speech or elocution which might inspire you to prepare.

1. The struggle for Independence.
2. Importance of Republic Day.
3. India an emerging new nation.
4. Fundamental rights of Indian Constitution.
5. The man behind the Indian constitution
6. Power of Right to Speak.
7. Indian laws and how it differ from other countries.
8. Indian social issues.
9. Child Labor.
10. The heroes of the country.

Republic day speech

There are 5 important things as a parent, we need to be careful while preparing our kids for speech or elocution:

1. Research: While drafting your kids speech you need to check out the history, facts and figures before you are writing a speech for your kid. Note down important points and facts from history and then prepare.

2. Time Limit: Check with teacher, the time slot allotted for your speech. Draft your speech according to the time.

3. Make it story: You must research facts, but while writing speech you should know story behind and educate your child the same. Add some dialogues of freedom fighters to make speech intresting.

4. Work with your child: Allow your child to first draft the speech and show it to you, as when they write themselves, they remember it well and as you share the story and facts to them. They will be more confident and can showcase it with more confidence.

5. Practice: I remember, my mom always told me to practice in front of the mirror. It not only boosts up your confidence and you also learn how to stand, speak and your overall posture. Practice your speech, learn your speech and speak from heart.

You can conclude your speech with giving message to work hard and standing with their values and righteousness like our outstanding leaders.

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