Quad Bike Dilemmas – Repair Or Replace An Old ATV?

Quad Bike Dilemmas – Repair Or Replace An Old ATV?

September 19, 2020 11 By Ruchi Verma

ATVs are built to last, but there comes a point when your ATV constantly needs repair and you are faced with a conundrum – get it fixed or replace it with a new one? As an ATV enthusiast, you want to get the most out of your vehicle for as many years as possible and while you can make some repairs, sometimes your quad bike has reached its sell-by date. If you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace the ATV, we’ve thought of a few important points to consider.

When To Repair An ATV

  • Price Of The Project – If your quad bike is getting on in years and it needs repair work that will cost a lot of money, you might change it for a new model. There is no point in putting a lot of cash into an old ATV that will probably run into problems soon after you’ve fixed it. In contrast, if the repairs won’t cost a lot and it is something simple, there is no point in investing in a new quad.
  • DIY Fix – Did you know that Quadbikes R Us has Yamaha ATV parts UK riders go for that don’t need to be shipped in from another country? When your ATV issue is something that can easily be fixed by replacing a component on the bike, don’t bother replacing it for a new model. You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you order parts and repair the damage yourself.
  • Customisation – When you repair the ATV, you have the opportunity to customise it with a better functioning part. It gives you a reason to make the upgrade you always wanted to make.

When To Replace An ATV

  • Big Problems – When you’re faced with a big problem such as an engine or transmission replacement, consider the cost and think about an upgrade. There is no point in putting more money into a quad bike than it is worth. When you factor in the cost of repairs and parts, upgrading to the latest model is a more sensible option.
  • Major Damage – Although you can replace an engine or transmission at a cost, some things are never worth fixing. If the ATV is a write-off and the frame is severely distorted, you put yourself and others at risk when you drive. If it has affected other systems, say goodbye, and look for a new model.
  • New Model – Sometimes there isn’t much wrong with your old model, you just want something more modern. If you come across the latest quad bike that has all the features you want, there is no harm in buying it. Every rider wants to drive the newest ATV on the market, so if you can afford it, go right ahead.
Quad Bike Dilemmas
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If you’re running into the same issue all the time or your quad seems to constantly need repair, consider investing in a new model. Although they are highly durable, ATVs only last for a certain number of years. They get old like anything else and new models come along with all the latest tech and features.

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