Project-based learning- Learn by doing

Project-based learning- Learn by doing

October 16, 2020 22 By Ruchi Verma

Till now we have seen how important is to educate kids about Empathy and the change in the new trend of education from STEM to STEAM education and with this next very important learning methodology is PROJECT-BASED LEARNING.

By actively engaging in the real world, with meaningful and practical applications project-based learning process is an effective way to make kids learn. Where in traditional teaching method lectures by teachers is only with the sole purpose of teaching information so that kids can perform well on standardized exams.

Project Vs Project-based

Well, yes there is a huge difference between the two and it’s important to understand before moving ahead with its importance in life.

1. It is given and mentioned task given by the teacher to be done at home or in the classroom by student or group of students quickly or over the time allotted.1. Based on the process of learning and known as learner-centered design.
2. End project is usually shown to the audience in the school or classroom. 2. End project is shown to the audience outside the school.
3. It is basically pre-planned and clear and mostly about the end-product rather learning process.3. it includes ‘need to knows’ and progress reports and guide from teachers, experts, community members with their inputs.
4. Based on previous projects done.4. Based on ongoing inquiries, iteration, and questions.
5. Requires the bookish knowledge and last year’s project reports or guidance of teachers and parents.5. It requires critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication.
project-based learning

3 C’s of Project-based learning

It is based on 3 C’s in total, and they are

Critical Thinking CollaborationCommunication
For any project to start and develop it’s important to have critical thinking like Cost, Time and way of approach.To take that project ahead it need a team work and collaboration with your peers, teachers, community members.Nevertheless, communication is the key of success in any project and learning process.

Importance of Project-based learning

There are multiple benefits of this process of learning for kids.

1. This provides an opportunity to create original, real-life based, and authentic projects which are meaningful to them.

2. Students have an opportunity to pursue their field of interest and learn from that and the result.

3. Real-life learning gives them confidence and the right way of approach to reach out to fruitful results.

4. To complete the project their creative ideas are always welcome to have the right approach and learn.

5. Better understanding of team work and lessons learned from their failures or doubts.

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