Power what does it really means?


Sim­ple 5 let­ter word can change entire sys­tem ..Pow­er of expres­sion, pow­er of speech, pow­er of giv­ing, pow­er to rule, pow­er can make you and pow­er can destroy you. It’s total­ly upto you how you han­dle your pow­er in life. Every per­son has it’s own pow­er in his own life but have you ever thought why you got that pow­er ??

Remem­ber sim­ple things asso­ci­at­ed with POWER:

  1. If you have a pow­er it means you have a respon­si­bilty.
  2. if you have a pow­er it means oth­ers trust you so they have given you pow­er.
  3. If you have pow­er it means you are answer­able to peo­ple who trust you and your pow­er.
  4. If you have pow­er means you have to be a good lis­ten­er.
  5. If you have pow­er guide it in right direc­tion.

This Wednes­day we want to pay our trib­ute to Iron lady who have pow­er and guts to man­age pow­er she got Late.Jayalalithaa (Chief Min­is­ter of Tamil Nadu) fond­ly known as Amma. May her soul rest in peace.

Bring­ing this week’s prompts for #Wed­Shad­ow

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Todays Prompts:

  1.  Which one pow­er you wish you get in life and why ?
  2. Which per­son­al­i­ty you think in your life or in soci­ety using his/her pow­er in cor­rect direc­tion?  

As we have only two blog­gers who sub­mit­ted their entry so for us both are win­ners.

Con­grats !! Vishal & Nadaan Parinda for mark­ing impres­sion on #Wed­Shad­ow by your won­der­ful blog post.? 


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