Power what does it really means?


Simple 5 letter word can change entire system ..Power of expression, power of speech, power of giving, power to rule, power can make you and power can destroy you. It’s totally upto you how you handle your power in life. Every person has it’s own power in his own life but have you ever thought why you got that power ??

Remember simple things associated with POWER:

  1. If you have a power it means you have a responsibilty.
  2. if you have a power it means others trust you so they have given you power.
  3. If you have power it means you are answerable to people who trust you and your power.
  4. If you have power means you have to be a good listener.
  5. If you have power guide it in right direction.

This Wednesday we want to pay our tribute to Iron lady who have power and guts to manage power she got Late.Jayalalithaa (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu) fondly known as Amma. May her soul rest in peace.

Bringing this week’s prompts for #WedShadow

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Todays Prompts:

  1.  Which one power you wish you get in life and why ?
  2. Which personality you think in your life or in society using his/her power in correct direction?  

As we have only two bloggers who submitted their entry so for us both are winners.

Congrats !! Vishal & Nadaan Parinda for marking impression on #WedShadow by your wonderful blog post.? 


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