PortraitFlip: Turns Photos Into Handmade Paintings

PortraitFlip: Turns Photos Into Handmade Paintings

March 17, 2021 19 By Ruchi Verma

While an entire generation is busy maintaining an artistic, social media profile, PortraitFlip is struggling hard to promote a traditional art form.

We often take photographs to create memories which mostly end up on our drive and appear annually as a Facebook or Instagram memory.

What I believe is a brilliant way to create a sustainable memory is to get it painted.

You then would not have to wait for an entire year for the memory to pop up on one of your social media accounts. You can instead hang it proudly on one of your walls.

Having said that –

What Is PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip is an e-commerce that commissions custom painting artists to turn your favorite photograph into a handmade painting.

It is a start-up that was founded by Mr. Sunny Choudhary in 2017 while he was still completing his graduation from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.

It all began when his friend wanted to gift his girlfriend a handmade painting from a photo but could not find a service in India for it.

He immediately grasped the opportunity and started working on this idea. Although he started PortraitFlip just as a side-hustle in college, Choudhary now feels it is his responsibility, a child that he has to nurture.

I can safely say that PortraitFlip is one of the firsts to bring such a service that delivers in India too.

How Does It Work With PortraitFlip?

It is not really a Catch-22. 5 simple steps and you will land yourself with a handmade painting.

  1. Visit PortraitFlip’s website.
  2. Select the medium, number of characters, and size.
  3. Upload the photo you want them to paint.
  4. Select the finishing and shipping option.
  5. Pay only 30%

There may be a hundred qualms about the painting but PortraitFlip makes it transparent by keeping the communication clean via email.

A company with an aim of providing 100% customer satisfaction, also provides its customers free unlimited revisions until they are completely satisfied with the artwork.

But Why Would You Choose PortraitFlip?

I can give you a decent number of reasons but let’s try to change your mind with these 6 reasons.

  1. 100% handmade painting by professional artists who have the skill and expertise.
  2. Unlimited Revisions
  3. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  5. TrustPilot Rating of 4.6 out of 5
  6. Free Worldwide Shipping

Brownie? You do not have to have one photo to create a painting. PortraitFlip can create one painting with multiple photos.

What Good Does It Do To The Society?

With the growing interest in the world of digits, people are slowly losing onto the traditional forms.

The artist community has been on the struggle bus to creating a decent living since the times unknown. Digitalization just added a cherry on the top.

On the primary stage, PortraitFlip did not begin with the thought of supporting the community.  It started with a vision to make gifting more personal and thoughtful.

People often exchanged gifts as a way of showering love, but not a single gift came out of love.

PortraitFlip wanted to change the entire experience of exchanging gifts. A gift can only feel like they enveloped it in love if the giver puts in their efforts and thoughts into it.

Something that a custom handmade painting could do very well.

With time, PortraitFlip realized that the simple idea of enhancing the gifting experience was indirectly contributing to a lot of hidden factors.

The team joined hands to uplift the hidden maestros of the art-work. Ever since PortraitFlip is housing over 150 artists across the world with one adding their list each growing day.

The team is proud to say that are supporting these artists with a decent earning to live a life of respect and pride.

The company firmly believes that memories have a very special role to play in the lives of people, and a hand-created canvas of the same can leave a lasting impact both on the receiver and the creator.

Parallel-y Portraitflip is healing millions of people unknowingly through art.

The Theory Of Healing Art


They often talks about customers who break down every time we create a handmade painting from multiple photos. It is mostly because those memories were almost impossible to be captured in reality.

But in art, we believe.

Studies say that creating or viewing art can help boost self-esteem, cope with stress, and improve social skills. Art can touch upon and expose emotions that we otherwise try to suppress.

This study has given birth to an idea called Art Therapy, a psychotherapeutic way to cure depression, anxiety and boost mental health.

Creating or looking at art can help an individual give an expression to their thoughts and explore it.

Art Therapy is slowly becoming a part of a lot of institutions while PortraitFlip continues contributing to it.

Final Verdict:

Thumbs up for PortraitFlip! If you don’t want your favorite memory to be lost in the gazillion other photos in your gallery, get it hand-painted with love from PortraitFlip.

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