PeeSafe- Just Be Safe

PeeSafe- Just Be Safe

September 12, 2017 23 By Ruchi Verma

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Hello my wonderful readers, 

If you are following me on FB, Twitter, and Insta you must be seen my above teaser or stories mentioning that I am going to bring something different kind of review for you all. 

You all must be having “Toilet Ka Jugaad” 🙂 

Well, after Akshay’s and Bhoomi’s Toilet is a superhit in Bollywood now the message is clear that every single human being’s basic requirement is TOILET and we are few people who have that in our homes, Malls, and even when we travel in train or airplane. 

Being a mother of two little kids, I am always worried about hygiene and cleanliness whenever they have to go to pee in Malls, or in Indian Railways.

“Don’t touch the seat …just pee and move I will flush”  I am sure all moms reading this must be smiling as everybody say these golden words in a public toilet to her kids.

Meet PEESafe

Peesafe is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray product by REDCLIFFE Hygiene. 

It acts as a disinfectant and keeps away from Bacterial infections. Protects you and your family from bathroom borne diseases. Within 5-10 seconds it dries up quickly and gives 99.9% bacteria and germ protection with a little spray on the toilet seat. 

How and where to use it?

  • Just hold the spray can  around 3-4 inches away from the toilet seat
  • Shake the bottle well and spray.
  • Wait for five to ten seconds
  • The disinfected seat is ready to use.

You can use it on toilet seats, toilet tops, flush, door knobs, faucets etc and be tension free. 

This so handy and travel-friendly and easily fits in a handbag. So, it has found a permanent place in my handbag. Don’t use toilets which are full of germs and bacteria just PEESAFE.

Check out what Actress Bhoomi has to say about peesafe.


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