Pampers pants

Pampers pants

November 3, 2017 17 By Ruchi Verma

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When you have little baby or toddler at home, as a mom you are more careful and want your little one sound and peaceful sleep and to this answer is Pampers pants. 

I am a big fan of Pampers since my daughter was born and my relationship is 9 years old with this best buddy of mine as this is most trusted one. 

When Viraj my little boy was born prematurely my blind trust was again newborn pampers and from last 2 years he is having sound sleep and  I am also having a peaceful nights. 

Pamper pants #MagicOf3

I really feel great when got an invite to attend the launch event for Pampers #MagicOf3 where they launched their same pampers pants with an advanced version which was #MagicOf3 and can say it’s a next-gen diaper.




What is #MagicOf3?

#MagicOf3 is basically extra absorbent channels which really beneficial for kids in their unique ways:

  1. These 3 channels divide kids pee into these 3 channels equally.
  2. As it’s divided equally it made diaper be a lightweight even if a kid is using it for 8 hours at stretch.
  3. It’s soft on the skin with amazing breathable material which definitely gives kids no rashes.
  4. You can confidentially make our kid wear these pants without applying rash creams as this has a lotion that helps in prevention of acid harm released. 
  5. Easy to made them wear their stretchy 360-degree waistband and leg cuffs.
  6. Now with the premium pants, this is the best feature for all parents Wetness indicator. PampersWhen the yellow middle line which is wetness indicator turns blue it’s time to change. Isn’t it great!!
  7. Allowing skin to breathe it has micropores which make kids happy and feel much comfortable.
  8. Now when full India is on swatch Bharat Abhiyan as a parent it’s our duty to dispose of diapers in right way and pampers have tape on it which for disposing of just take it out roll and dispose of.
  9. Where our hometown is far off traveling is always on cards and pampers is my best traveling partner. 

Now, these are claims by the company and as a mom, I feel like to just why not to test this 3 channel technology. 

Check out my testing video for #MagicOf3 Pampers premium care pants.

Do let me know your pampered moments with your kids!!





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