Every­day is not as same as yes­ter­day” This is the only thought Akan­sha was think­ing sit­ting out­side police sta­tion wait­ing for her moth­er in laws to come and take her away.

Her life changed AGAIN in few sec­onds with that one phone call last night,she man­aged to gath­er her­self and ran straight to police sta­tion but now she was feel­ing low and bro­ken from inside, she called her moth­er in law once again to take her away from police sta­tion.


Mithi, Mithi get ready fast it’s only 2 days for you in this house then you will real­ize how much time mat­ters. Get ready fast, you are get­ting mar­ried after 2 days and still your child­ish behav­iour not gone.” Akan­sha was real­ly angry on Mithi (her daugh­ter) whose mehndi sup­pose to start 1 hour before and in next 2 days her mar­riage is planned.

Yes Maa, I’m all set …look I am look­ing like Kareena Kapoor na ” Big fan of Kareena Mithi admired her­self look­ing in mir­ror and bab­bled “uff kit­ni sun­da hoon main ” in full bol­ly­wood style.

Akan­sha smiled and said “Yes, u r look­ing beau­ti­ful as always lets go down­stairs and fin­ish today’s cer­e­mony.

Full songs, dance and full bol­ly­wood style func­tion was organ­ised by Akan­sha, hap­py for her lit­tle only daugh­ter Mithi as this was the dream she and Rohit has seen with their princess was just 5 years.

They planned all but unfor­tu­nate­ly that new year eve when Rohit was drunk and Akan­sha said to call for a dri­ver and Rohit refused say­ing he can very well dri­ve. She agreed on it which she thinks today was he biggest mis­take of her life as they met with an acci­dent and Rohit left behind Akan­sha along­with lit­tle 5 year old Mithi.

Akan­sha came back from that flash­back and start­ed singing songs for her daugh­ter and tak­ing care of all guests.

She made sure that the­se two days should be best days for Mithi.

28thDec : Mar­riage of Mithi

Kunal was look­ing smart and dash­ing in dress of groom and Akan­sha was so hap­py that Kunal whole fam­i­ly just love Mithi so much that they agreed for this mar­riage on such short notice as Akan­sha has to fly to US for her job assign­ment for next 5 years and she want­ed her daugh­ter to be set­tled before she leaves the coun­try.

Mithi are you ready, barat is here and they all are look­ing good but Kunal is steal­ing all atten­tion ” Mithi grand­moth­er said as she entered in room to see her.

Gig­gles and laugh­ter was the only thing which one can hear from that house.

Mar­riage was com­plet­ed and with sad heart Akan­sha and her moth­er in law said good bye and did the cer­e­mony of “Bidai

Now it’s only Akan­sha and her moth­er in law left at home and they start­ed pack­ing for leav­ing US in next 10 days.

Present Day :1st Jan

Do you know Mithi and Kunal?” some­one asked her on phone.

Yes she is my daugh­ter and son in law , who are you?”, She asked sur­pris­ing­ly.

Can you come to Mal­ad police sta­tion ” per­son from oth­er side said and hanged the phone.

She rushed to police sta­tion with hope that noth­ing wrong should hap­pened.

Come this side ma’am, please rec­og­nize the bod­ies.” as con­sta­ble said this Akan­sha shat­tered in pieces.

After see­ing the bod­ies she said yes the­se bod­ies are of Kunal and Mithi and called Kunal’s par­ents and her moth­er in law.

Police said they me with an acci­dent yes­ter­day as Kunal was ful­ly drunk on new year eve and not called for dri­ver and dri­ves home him­self and met with an acci­dent and lost their lives on the spot.

Akan­sha was think­ing is this real­ly a co-inci­dent or some­thing else that I lost in same cir­cum­stance­sand on same day Rohit and now the­se two my lit­tle hearts.

As her moth­er in law arrived she bust­ed in tears and said ” I did Bidai …I did Bidaii…”

Does it real­ly required to DRINK AND DRIVE ??

If you are drunk make sure you call for dri­ver to dri­ve you safe­ly home.

Remem­ber, your life is very PRECIOUS for your loved once.

This New year take only one pledge DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, VALUE YOUR LIFE

“I am writ­ing as part of the #Sto­ry­tellers com­pe­ti­tion by The Gud1″.

Copy­right © Ruchie2k16

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