“Everyday is not as same as yesterday” This is the only thought Akansha was thinking sitting outside police station waiting for her mother in laws to come and take her away.

Her life changed AGAIN in few seconds with that one phone call last night,she managed to gather herself and ran straight to police station but now she was feeling low and broken from inside, she called her mother in law once again to take her away from police station.


“Mithi, Mithi get ready fast it’s only 2 days for you in this house then you will realize how much time matters. Get ready fast, you are getting married after 2 days and still your childish behaviour not gone.” Akansha was really angry on Mithi (her daughter) whose mehndi suppose to start 1 hour before and in next 2 days her marriage is planned.

“Yes Maa, I’m all set …look I am looking like Kareena Kapoor na “ Big fan of Kareena Mithi admired herself looking in mirror and babbled “uff kitni sunda hoon main “ in full bollywood style.

Akansha smiled and said “Yes, u r looking beautiful as always ..now lets go downstairs and finish today’s ceremony.

Full songs, dance and full bollywood style function was organised by Akansha, happy for her little only daughter Mithi as this was the dream she and Rohit has seen with their princess was just 5 years.

They planned all but unfortunately that new year eve when Rohit was drunk and Akansha said to call for a driver and Rohit refused saying he can very well drive. She agreed on it which she thinks today was he biggest mistake of her life as they met with an accident and Rohit left behind Akansha alongwith little 5 year old Mithi.

Akansha came back from that flashback and started singing songs for her daughter and taking care of all guests.

She made sure that these two days should be best days for Mithi.

28thDec : Marriage of Mithi

Kunal was looking smart and dashing in dress of groom and Akansha was so happy that Kunal whole family just love Mithi so much that they agreed for this marriage on such short notice as Akansha has to fly to US for her job assignment for next 5 years and she wanted her daughter to be settled before she leaves the country.

“Mithi are you ready, barat is here and they all are looking good but Kunal is stealing all attention “ Mithi grandmother said as she entered in room to see her.

Giggles and laughter was the only thing which one can hear from that house.

Marriage was completed and with sad heart Akansha and her mother in law said good bye and did the ceremony of “Bidai

Now it’s only Akansha and her mother in law left at home and they started packing for leaving US in next 10 days.

Present Day :1st Jan

“Do you know Mithi and Kunal?” someone asked her on phone.

“Yes she is my daughter and son in law , who are you?”, She asked surprisingly.

“Can you come to Malad police station “ person from other side said and hanged the phone.

She rushed to police station with hope that nothing wrong should happened.

“Come this side ma’am, please recognize the bodies.” as constable said this Akansha shattered in pieces.

After seeing the bodies she said yes these bodies are of Kunal and Mithi and called Kunal’s parents and her mother in law.

Police said they me with an accident yesterday as Kunal was fully drunk on new year eve and not called for driver and drives home himself and met with an accident and lost their lives on the spot.

Akansha was thinking is this really a co-incident or something else that I lost in same circumstancesand on same day Rohit and now these two my little hearts.

As her mother in law arrived she busted in tears and said “ I did Bidai …I did Bidaii…”

Does it really required to DRINK AND DRIVE ??

If you are drunk make sure you call for driver to drive you safely home.

Remember, your life is very PRECIOUS for your loved once.

This New year take only one pledge ” DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, VALUE YOUR LIFE”

“I am writing as part of the #Storytellers competition by The Gud1“.

Copyright © Ruchie2k16


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. It’s such a tragedy that people don’t realise the value of life.
    AA sad!

  2. Amazingly written… Truly touched!

  3. So touchy……awesome work

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