Navrati-Day 5- SkandaMata


Being the mother of Skanda she is Skandamata. Worshipping Skandamata has on the fifth day of Navaratra has very iportacefor Yogis & Sadhaks . In her image the Lord Skanda in his infant form is always found. She holds him in her lap.


Using a lion as a vehicle, Mother Goddess has four arms & three eyes. She holds Lord Skanda in her right upper arm and a lotus flower in her right lower hand, which is slightly raised upward. The left upper arm is in a pose to grant boon and in left lower hand, which is raised, she again holds lotus. She is Golden . She is seated on lotus flower so she is called Padmasana.

Colour Of the Day : Royal Blue

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  1. Nic info, Navratri is always special DIxi, with all the colourful dresses and dancing, and of course the upvas!! Menaka Bharathi has recently published

  2. Nice to know about the Navrathri Durgas.It is a festival for ladies by ladies

  3. Crisp, short and simple article. The traditions are long forgotten for the present generation. Busy life styles leaves us with very little time to know these details. I am glad that I am getting to know about the minute details of Navaratri celebration.

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