Navrati-Day 4- Maa Kushmanda




The word Kush­man­da is made of three oth­er words that are “Ku + Ush­ma + Amn­da= Kush­man­da”. Here “Ku” is “Lit­tle”, “Ush­ma” is “Warmth or Ener­gy” & “Anda” is “Egg” , means the one who cre­ate the uni­verse as “Lit­tle Cos­mic Egg” with the ener­gy of Her divine smile is called “Kush­man­da”.

Maa Kush­man­da is also named as “Adi Shak­ti”. The core of Suray­man­dala (Sun) is the res­i­dence of Devi Maa. She is the only one who has the pow­er & strength to live in the core of Suryaloka (Sun). Her body shi­nes like the glow­ing Sun. All direc­tions get light from Her Divine smile includ­ing the Sun God  itself.  Maa Kush­man­da also known as “Ashtab­hu­ja” as she is often depict­ed as hav­ing eight arms. In her sev­en hands she holds Kaman­dalu, Bow, Arrow, Lotus, a Jar of Nec­tar, Dis­cus, and Mace. In her eighth hand she holds a rosary capa­ble of giv­ing eight Sid­dhis and nine Nid­dhis. She rides a lion who rep­re­sents “Dhar­ma”.

Colour of the Day:

Chaturthi – Navra­tri 4th Day – Red 04.10.2016

Con­tent : Sto­ry heard from mum­my & Maa Vaish­vavi

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