Navrati-Day 4- Maa Kushmanda




The word Kushmanda is made of three other words that are “Ku + Ushma + Amnda= Kushmanda”. Here “Ku” is “Little”, “Ushma” is “Warmth or Energy” & “Anda” is “Egg” , means the one who create the universe as “Little Cosmic Egg” with the energy of Her divine smile is called “Kushmanda”.

Maa Kushmanda is also named as “Adi Shakti”. The core of Suraymandala (Sun) is the residence of Devi Maa. She is the only one who has the power & strength to live in the core of Suryaloka (Sun). Her body shines like the glowing Sun. All directions get light from Her Divine smile including the Sun God  itself.  Maa Kushmanda also known as “Ashtabhuja” as she is often depicted as having eight arms. In her seven hands she holds Kamandalu, Bow, Arrow, Lotus, a Jar of Nectar, Discus, and Mace. In her eighth hand she holds a rosary capable of giving eight Siddhis and nine Niddhis. She rides a lion who represents “Dharma”.

Colour of the Day:

Chaturthi – Navratri 4th Day – Red 04.10.2016

Content : Story heard from mummy & Maa Vaishvavi

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  1. Didn’t know this concept of color of the day during Navrathri. Let me fetch something in red for today. ?

  2. I chose blue to wear today, but I will be on the lookout for red. Our sun is shining today after a couple of days of on and off rain.

  3. A few of my colleagues are wearing sarees based on the colors 🙂 Interesting information too.

  4. Interesting Information, I was not aware of color of the day.

  5. Thanks for all this information Ruchi..reading it late otherwise would be wearing something in red 🙂

  6. I lived the story and this colour thing.Definitely will do it next year

  7. Informative article! I wasn’t aware of this. Would love to know more.

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