No more sleepless nights, Nasal Congestion is no more a problem

No more sleepless nights, Nasal Congestion is no more a problem

Kids are more delicate and prone to infection and get affected by sudden weather changes. With continuous raining in Mumbai, the problem which I used to face till now for my Miracle boy was Nasal Congestion.

He is extremely delicate and has low immunity levels as he was born as a premature baby, and when this cold and cough along with nasal congestion starts, we just have sleepless nights. Now I have got a solution for this the amazing Nasivion mini baby nose drops.

Nasal Congestion Effects

While nasal congestion is very common in kids, it leaves so many effects which need to be treated as soon as possible.

There are many reasons for having nasal congestion

  • Kids get fast affected by the sudden change in weather: Now weather does play an important role in the life of every human being and when it changes, the first one to get affected are our kids due to their immunity system.
  • Allergic: Now kids may be allergic to certain stuff which cause nasal congestion like pollen, house dust, and animal dander, tobacco smoke.

With my little one, we used to get scared easily due to his medical history:

  • The biggest problem with nasal congestion is crankiness: We understand why the irritation he gets by this nasal congestion makes him so cranky even on small things since babies are obligatory nose breathers.
  • Next major issue comes up with are his eating habits: He doesn’t like to finish his meals and gets irritated which makes him weak.
  • Challenge is to give him a peaceful sleep as he faces difficulty in breathing properly.

Precautions we should take when kids have nasal congestion

  1. Smoking is anyways injurious to health and we don’t encourage that but there are some people who can’t live without smoking. Avoid such people and say NO to smoking as it will trigger an allergy.
  2.  To prevent nasal congestion we should also avoid using perfumes.
  3. Avoid contact with pets that cause an allergic reaction.
  4. Give steam bath to kids as it helps to open the blocked mucus in the nose.
  5. Make your child drink plenty of fluids.

Miracle boy’s perfect partner in nasal congestion

That other day when he had nasal congestion we all were so worried and had a sleepless night. We as adults can express pain and problems but kids who can’t even speak become very restless and cranky.

My father in law, who had a group of his knowledgeable friends, was also worried about him and one uncle suggested us Nasivion mini baby nose drops. I was not so sure that whether I should try this or not as his pediatrician was also out of town.

I called his doctor and explained the situation and asked whether I can give Nasivion mini baby nose drops as I didn’t want to take chance with my little one.

She gave me a green signal to use it and explained to me that it works as magic. Very safe for kids Nasivion® Mini 0.01% Nose Drops have key ingredients like oxymetazoline which is very well tolerable on the nose.


1 drop of the solution into each nostril 2-3 times per day. From the 5th week of life until the age of 1 year, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician and all your problem will be solved.

I have given that to my son in the night and he had a great sound sleep as it works for 12 hours and helps in easy breathing.

I got the best medicine for nasal congestion for my little one, thanks to Nasivion mini baby nose drops. Before you buy or use these, do consult your doctor.

It is rightly said that #HappyNoseHappyMom and now I am that happy mom!!

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35 thoughts on “No more sleepless nights, Nasal Congestion is no more a problem

  1. Before anything, I want to comment on his cuteness 🙂 looks so sweet! Good to know that you’re less worried about him getting blocked nose because of Nasivision. Wish him good health!

  2. I can relate to your story. A sick child has the whole household worried especially if the child is small. A handy solution can offer relief to the parents and the baby.

  3. I used to catch cold so easily as a child! And I still do.. and nasal congestion is the worst thing that happens! This nasivion for kids is a great thing

  4. This was a much needed post as my son easily catches cold and gets blocked nose. This affects his sleeping patterns and he gets very cranky too. Nasal saline drops are quickest way to clear congestion x

  5. Allergy is a big pain in case of todders and it comes in many forms. And once it affects ts the kid, the problems begin. They become cranky and dull. Completely relate to your article. Some good points shared. Thanks.

  6. I started using this recently and must say this has been really effective for his constant nose blocks, i also recommended this to my many friends.

  7. I can trust Nasivion blindly for myself. It so happened that I had a bad bout of nasal congestion while I was pregnant and this saline solution helped me.

  8. Blocked nose can lead to many problem and make it difficult for both child and parents. Nasivion looks like a Effective solution to nasal congestion

  9. Nasal congestion is a great issue in kids because due to the nasal congestion, it is hard for the kids to breathe and that affect their sleeping hours which further makes the baby cranky

  10. Amazing Nasivion nasal drops. Nasivion is the trusted brand and quite affordable. This nasal drop is best for kids to get relief from nasal swelling and pain. Great thoughts.

  11. Even grown-ups suffer from nasal congestions, not just children. Issues with septum and allergy aggravate this problem. For some it leads to sleepless nights.

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