My 5 Weaknesses


Every human being is full of strengths & weak­ness­es like two sides of a coin and so I.
I am going to bring my 5 top weak­ness­es today and want all of you to share yours.
1. My fam­i­ly: my-family-logoWell being an emo­tion­al per­son I feel weak when some­thing comes to my fam­i­ly. They are my biggest strength but at same time my weak­ness too.
2. My talk­a­tive nature:53678 Being a Gem­i­ni is my hid­den qual­i­ty of being talk­a­tive which is mu weak­ness again because of which I get so close and attached to peo­ple and when they don’t revert same way it hurts me only.
3. Rest­less­ness: 1339-20130409-restlessYes, I am rest­less. If I got to know that tomor­row I have to do any job till the time its not over with the best way I want it, I can’t even sleep prop­er­ly.
4. Can’t say NO: alice_20130505_01Again this is my biggest weak­ness if some­one is ask­ing for any help or any­thing I can’t say NO which some­times put me in trou­ble & I hope I learn to say NO some­times.
5. Food­ie:foodie_1399458336 As my blog is for­food­iefam­i­ly I am bigggg food­ie as can’t resist myself after see­ing deli­cious food which in return giv­ing me good weight.


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  1. I’m a Pisces and I’m just rest­less — can’t tell if I’m com­ing or going, swim­ming upstream or down. My mind is always dart­ing about like a school of fish, this way and that. (I see all sides of an issue, but rarely — if ever — feel inde­ci­sive or unsure of my posi­tion on it.)

    Try say­ing, “Not right now” if you strug­gle with “no.” Ask your­self what right any­one (oth­er than — some­times — imme­di­ate fam­i­ly) has to ask you to drop every­thing and do their bid­ding? Post­pone. Odds are, they’ll do it them­selves or find some oth­er suck­er. Divide a square into four quad­rants: Urgent/Important, Urgent/Not Impor­tant, Important/Not Urgent, Not Important/Not Urgent. Fig­ure out where your activ­i­ties fall. Your child is bleed­ing from a gash in the head? Urgent AND impor­tant. Your child needs help research­ing a home­work project due in a week? Impor­tant, but not urgent. Face­book? Not impor­tant OR urgent, real­ly. Your best friend demands you drop every­thing to go shop­ping with her? Urgent, but not real­ly that impor­tant. Do the urgent AND impor­tant things first; do the impor­tant but not urgent things next. If you have time left over for any­thing in the oth­er quad­rants, you fig­ure it out. 🙂

    • I agree to Hol­ly here about not being able to say No. If you are strug­gling you need to say No. It’s impor­tant.
      I think fam­i­ly is my strength 🙂 I love food but I would not call it a weak­ness.

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